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The Painted Horse; The 8th Wonder; Star Riders 2 183
Drawing on Your Nightmares 175
Dark Horse Presents Annual 138
Sin-Eater; King of the Cats; Talisman 5 134
Sin City; Murder Tour & Beautiful Homes; The Creep; Earth Boys 2 133
The American; Wacky Squirrel; Delia and Celia; Bob the Alien; Concrete; Bacchus; Zone; Race of Scorpions 121
Judah "The Hammer"; Buoy 77; Celtic Warrior; Hermes vs. The Eyeball Kid 4 115
Mindwalk; Concrete; Black Cross; Boris the Bear 107
Trekker; Concrete; Mindwalk; Boris the Bear 103
Concrete; Number 13; Blood; Finder: Third World; Marked Man; Mr. Monster vs Oooak!; The Wraith; Rotten Apple; Murky World; Snow Angel; 92
Hermes vs. The Eyeball Kid; Close Calls; Buoy 77; Just Folks; The Legion of Justice 4 91
Masque; Trekker; Celia & Delia 89
Concrete; Masque; Bob the Alien 89
Suspended 89
Concrete; Captain Crusader; Paleolove 88
Buffy the Vampire Slayer; The Time Ben Fell in Love; Underground; Brain Boy; Trekker; King's Road; City of Roses; Nexus; The Chapel Chronicles; Bloodhound; Blackout 1 86
Zoo-Lou vs. Editor; An Accidental Death; Nestrobber; Predator; Alec; The Selfish Giant 1 85
Gotham Grey Evil 83
Dr. Giggles; Boris the Bear; The Creep; Scraps 2 82
Sin City; Earth Boys; The Creep; Frame 137 4 82
Daughters 82
Aliens; Race of Scorpions; Homicide; Police Beat 81
Chapter 2 80
A Breath of Fresh Air; Star Riders; The Eighth Wonder 1 75
The Aerialist; Crash Ryan; Pilgrim Souls 70
B.P.R.D.; Beasts of Burden; Concrete Park; Blood; Marked Man; The Once & Future Tarzan; The Massive; Time to Live; The Many Murders of Miss Cranbourne; Skultar 69
Race of Scorpions; Twilight of Langdarro; Homicide 69
Isolation; Rotten Apple; The Adventures of Dog Mendonca and Pizzaboy; Number 13; Resident Alien; Criminal Macabre; Marked Man; Skeleton Key; Finder: Third World; Blood 69
Aliens; Kings in Disguise; The Argosy 63
Treatment; Number 13; Finder; Concrete; Marked Man; Red Tide; Steranko Speaks; Indecisive Man; Murky World; Rotten Apple; Snow Angel; Blood; Mr. Monster vs. Oooak! 63
Black Cross; Concrete; Mindwalk; Brighter! 63
Concrete; Roma; Trekker; Pookey, The Magical Stuffed-Bunny 62
Black Cross; Concrete; Zone; Roachmill; Mr. Monster; Homicide; Pop Quiz 61
[untitled] 60
Resident Alien; Finder: Third World; The Adventures of Dog Mendonca & Pizzaboy; Beasts of Burden; Change; Blood; Criminal Macabre; Number 13; Marked Man; Skeleton Key 60
Barbary Coast, Part Four 59
Ghost; The Creep; Finder: Third World; Criminal Macabre; The Occultist; The Black Beetle; Profile: A Cross Story; Nexus; Mister X 57
The Strain; Blood; The Assignation; Alabaster; Mrs. Plopsworth's Kitchen; Trekker; Nosferatu Wars; Mr. Monster; Juice Squeezers; Sabretooth Swordsman 1 56
Concrete; Reflections; Police Beat; Trekker; Duckman 56
Lasting Impression; Buoy 77; Hermes vs. The Eyeball Kid 4 55
Aliens; The Dawn of Angst; Yakub and the Vulture; The Argosy 55
Trekker; Roma; Concrete; Doc Abtruse 55
Dream Sequence; Mystery Date; The Rescuers; Five Crazy Women 2 54
The Big Ride, Part 1 54
Concrete; The Portheus Principle; Masque 53
Hellboy; Skeleton Key; Blood; Marked Man; Skultar; Usagi Yojimbo; Concrete Park; The Speaker; The Adventures of Dog Mendonca and Pizzaboy; Finder: Third World 52
Wild Rover; Ghost: Resurrection Mary; Finder: Third World; The Girl With the Keyhole Eyes; Concrete Park; Riven; Rex Mundi; Buddy Cops; Nexus; Love Hurts; Ride of the Sabretooth Vampire 51
Concrete; Gene Shock: the Vitruvian Man; Roma 51
B.P.R.D.: Born Again; Another Day at the Office; Curse of the Haunted Doily 51
Brett Brooks 1 50
Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand Men, Part 1 50
1: Bomb Alley 50
Monq; Gene Shock, The Vitruvian Man; Doc Abtruse 50
Captain Crusader; The Masque; Babes 'n Arms 49
3: It Must Be Love, Love, Love 48
Babes 'n Arms; The Masque; Captain Crusader 48
The Masque; Forgotten; Roma; Dinosaur Tales 48
A Love Story; Theater of the Dead; Long Distance Caller; Lobster Johnson 47
Finder: Third World; Ghost; Mister X; Falling Skies; Concrete Park; Hellboy vs. The Sabretooth Vampire; Nexus; Riven; Radio Ga Ga; Spooky Tales of Yikes!; Wild Rover; Buddy Cops; A Spy Dream; Love Hurts 47
New Mutants: Part 6 47
Confederacy Of Dunces Part 5 46
Otto Dantz 45
Trekker; The Aerialist; Bob the Alien; Bacchus; The Argosy; Wacky Squirrel 45
The Creep; Finder; Criminal Macabre; House of Fun; The Occultist; The Black Beetle; Mister X; Nexus; Sensible City; Sabretooth Vampire 44
Twilight of Langdarro; Race of Scorpions; Homicide 44
Fifth Anniversary Special 44
New Mutants: Part 5 44
New Mutants: Part 3 44
Blockbuster: Part 6 44
Blockbuster: Part 5 44
City of Roses; The Girl with Keyhole Eyes; The Deep Sea; Finder: Third World; Concrete Park; EA Poe's Berenice; Buddy Cops; Riven; Dead Air 43
Concrete; Mindwalk; Hellwalk Inc. 43
Return of the King: Part 3 43
Command Performance; Friday; My Vacation in Hell; Lobster Johnson; 42
The Black Beetle; Amala's Blade; Finder: Third World; Criminal Macabre; House of Fun; The Occultist; The Creep; Pig; Blood; The White Suits 42
Chapter 5 42
Cat Fight 42
Mother Russia: Part 5 42
New Mutants: Part 1 42
Mother Russia: Part 1 41
Chapter 6 41
Chapter 4 41
Suspended Part 1 41
Shadow Puppets 41
Chapter 3 40
Chapter 1 40
In The Beginning: Part 3 40
Blockbuster: Part 3 40
Concrete; The Masque; Mr. Monster; Dinosaur Tales 39
We Can Be Heroes, Part 1. 39
Saint George: Dragonslayer; Integer City; The Adventures of Nilson Groundthumper and Hermy; Alabaster: Boxcar Tales; Nexus; Monstrous; Crime Does Not Pay: City of Roses; Mr. Monster; The Strain: The Fall; Now & Then 1 37
The Eighth Wonder; Concrete; Rick Geary; Star Riders 2 36
Return of the King: Part 7 36
Mother Russia: Part 3 35