Wolverine should lead big time

I just started reading Astonishing X-men 34 and found a lot of truth in wolverine's words. 
He is and will be the longest, most experienced and possibly most lethal X-men. He mentions he should not be treated as a kid.  
Bottomline, he should lead the X-men, not just X-Force, or if not lead, he should be field leader or something on some big team like Avengers. He can't stay as a soldier for those teams forever.  
Problem comes with sales, Marvel is placing wolverine in every possible team they can. He can't be the leader of the X-men because he has duties with other teams. Wolverine should probably do something about this because he is not destined to be a soldier forever. 
Imagine wolverine being in a high place taking big decisions kind of like Fury or Cage or what Rogers is starting.  
Again just a thought, back to my comic.

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Posted by titansfan01

I love Wolverine but think Marvel is oversaturing the market with his appearences. He led the X-men back in the eighties if you remember. I think it was around the time after Fall of the Mutants.#228 or so.
Posted by Gun

Good thought.
He's got more on the job experience than anyone in the Marvel U.

Posted by kai95

You all are forgetting the big picture. Wolverine is a Living Killing Machine! A assassin. He's the one you give the order to and  he get it done! Him not leading doesn't make him any less formidable or unrecognized (his fanbase proves so). Wolverine is meant to handle problems permanently! As far as I think he's made to kill more than lead. He's best best at what he do (killing), but leading he can be good  at but he'll always suceed better as a Soldier.  =}

Posted by yescas
@titansfan01: @Gun: @kai95: I agree with all of you. He is overmarketed, he has more experience and he is afterall a field guy, the best. 
But looking at the titles he has and has had doesn't it seem like when he is needed or something big happens he is either just tagging along or missing doing one of his solo adventures? I don't know, something feels wrong, like he should step up and handle some bigger stuff. 
Don't get me wrong, he is an awesome character and even when he is just tagging along he is great. The only big time stuff I remember recently where he took the lead was on House of M, and even there he got minimized in the later issues.  
Wolverine is a great tactician and it just seems like a waste to just be having him receive orders and not even get to decide on them. 
Posted by yescas

Ok, so this made me to think: Which mutants are fit to be leaders? 
are the ones that came to my mind right now

Posted by Postacrat

wolverine feral nature makes him more susceptible to killing, he is a natural killer but at the same time he was trained to be that order taking assassin.  That being said I don't think that is what wolverine is more so than what he was simply trained to be, his feral nature just makes it easier for him.  To be honest I'm a big fan of Wolverine, the problem to me is not so much how many features he has but how he's being utilized in said features.  I'm sorry but I want an ass kicking, martial arts/samurai master, ninja who's claws are hardly even seen outside of bringing quick death and who's healing factor is hardly used because he's fights skilled and cautious.  Everywhere database specifies him in this way but 80% of the time that's not what they have been giving you in comics. All his features are mediocre I want him to kick more ass over all the features.

Posted by yescas

Ths new turn on the X-Force is more like it.  
X-Force is and there is only one rule: No one should know 
Ohh, and the fact that Deadpool is in the team is great! XD

Posted by Jubilantlad
@yescas: Anole.