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do vertigo characters count?

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Batman (I was raised on Batman).
but close runner ups are.
General Zod
Stephanie Brown

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Wonder Woman, for axe related reasons. When written well, she's epic and badass in a classy way. Plus, her relative lack of popularity helps me, since it seems like there's a lot less books to buy. I never feel like I'm missing out, or that I'm spending too much on comic books, lol. Unlike another character I like, Deadpool, who has so many ongoings.
I also like Lobo, but I havn't seen as much of him as I'd like (Other honerable mentions: Superman, Batman, Aquaman, John Stewart, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Oracle).
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Tim Drake because I can relate to him and is always well written and is the perfect blend of seriousness and fun

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Owned by Warren Ellis but published by DC under vertigo:   Spider Jerusalem 

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Similar threads have been done several times.
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Green Arrow

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Green Lantern Hal Jordan, The man without fear.
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