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I guess Darkseid attacked Earth 3 and they took him down like Main Earth. But to his surprise, I guess they took over this BoomTubes and are now able to travel between Universes, with the exception of Earth 2, b/c Batman's gadget took down Steppenwolf's towers.

I am however extremely curious as to how they were able to blindside Xanadu - what magics are they packing?

And get over the Batman thing. That's not Bruce, it's Grayson.

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To be honest, I really liked this issue.

We now know Pandora is on a mission to once and for all remove all sin from the world. How does she plan on doing this? Well.. she doesn't know but she thinks that she needs to open the box once more (maybe it will suck all those monsters back in). Unfortunately for her, the box will only open for a pure hearted individual and having done what she did and having to see the pain it's caused, she's too jaded to ever open the box again.

She desperately turned to Supes, but he, like her, seems to also be corrupted - he's not the boy scout everyone he thinks she is.

Going the darker path, she seeks out a dangerous man she's dealt with before and as it turns out, his heart and soul and entirely evil. Savage is no good to her!

Who will she turn to next? Who knows! But, I for one, liked this issue not as a main part of the Trinity War, but as the tie-in that it is.

I do think Billy Batson will ultimately be the one to open the box. Deep down inside he's just a kid trying to do good. He was also given his powers by one of those who condemned Pandora for her actions.

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The Outsider's from Earth-3. He switches the JL with the Crime Syndicate using Pandora's box. At first the villains think that it's awesome that the League is gone, but soon realize that the Syndicate is a way bigger problem than the League was. The villains help save the day like in Final Crisis. Nightwing becomes Batman (again), or Bruce is left behind and joins Luthor, which would mean Johns might have no choice but to write Batman well. The smaller heroes will rise and save the day as well, like in 52.

Essentially, it has everything a Geoff Johns comic almost always has: Great villains and heroes that no one expects.


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The book was great and I'm glad this quality of work will continue from this book. I, for one, think that having learned about Pandora's past doesn't ruin the character at all. I much rather have a reason for her actions, than to wonder why she does what she does.

The one character in the entirety of the DCU that should be kept completely under wraps is the Question.

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I love the character, the writting hasn't been bad. But I dislike Silva's art A LOT. I understand SB is the Boy of Steel, but Silva's style makes him look like a doll. I don't want a Connor with Batman's body type, but I would greatly appreciate it if he didn't look like a really tall 9 year old.

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not set it in new 52. not tie it so heavily with this return to earth 2 crap they are two. either one or both would make it work. they are focusing too much on this "lets find a way back home" and the writers have nothing else to do with them but have them do nothing until the big crossover with earth 2 happens and they return home.

1. get a better writer

2. make the finding a way back home a subplot not the main focus and keep the flashbacks to a minnium. it worked for the first three issues or so but after that unnessacary. the main plot should be showing them making it in this world as people (relationships, jobs) heroes and as friends.

3. power girl should have had her original costume from the begining

4. give them a cool villain (a group perhaps)

5. dc give your writers more creative control

This exactly!

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@kagato said:

The only way i can see these characters getting any better is if they return to Earth 2 for James Robinson to write. I know its not a popular point of view but how can they be any worse than they are now? Returning Powergirl to her classic costume is DC admitting they dont know what to do with the character and are grasping at straws to try and pull back or retain some of the readers, unless i see the stars raising on this sites reviews im staying clear.


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A new writer. Or a hiatus. Levitz did awesome in the Huntress mini but it as if he's got no clue as to what to do with them.

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I think it's Sloan.

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