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@mr_ingenuity: Doesn't she make up for that in durability though?

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@dondave: I'm wary of using 'the speed of thought' as a measurement since its not easily defined, however iirc extremis Tony could react to spiderman so he was pretty damn agile. This isn't extremis but I would assume its safe to say that his reaction time hasn't gone down since then, bleeding edge is an upgrade and thus should be superior (Though I'll admit it is lacking in feats).

As for Ms Marvel I dont read much of her stuff so I wouldnt be able to give you any solid info on her reaction time. But according to her CV bio she has some form of pre-cog and superhuman agility.

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Since he is always upgrading his armors can one of his more recent ones manage to stand up to Carol Danvers? Tony in his bleeding edge version of the suit fights the most recent version of Carol.

  • Takes place in an abandoned Detroit City
  • Both are 20 feet apart
  • Is a random encounter
  • Morals are on
  • Won through K.O or Death

Iron man


Ms Marvel

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@strider92: Im pretty confident that SpOck has sufficient strength to hurt midnighter, definitely capable enough to K.O him. What about pre-cog? this could be a major tool he can use.

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@strider92: Assuming that is the case, what do you think?

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Oh I was under the impression that he had all of Parkers skills due to mind transfer ?

If this isnt the case I may have made a very unfair battle........

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I haven't made one of these in a while (Like a year) but I guess I'm back at it. Interested about this since I don't know much about the current spiderman but from what I've heard he is more formidable than his predecessor.

Anyway, as far as I can tell this specific fight hasn't been done using these two versions of the characters.... I could be mistaken but the goddamned search function is still beyond my meager comprehension.

  • Wildstorm universe Midnighter (Not new 52)
  • Superior Spiderman (Spider Ock)
  • Morals apply
  • Spidey armed with his current arsenal
  • Midnighter has his usual repertoire minus doors (So he cannot teleport)
  • No BFR
  • 15 feet apart
  • Random encounter inside abandoned warehouse.
  • Morals apply
  • Won through Death or KO



Superior Spiderman

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@gravitypress said:

Even if Iron Man did get the upper hand it will be short lived. Im guessing Spiderman would one hit KO him or BP would arm-bar him first.

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Sure he could, its just that Marvel writers don't want Ironman to surpass the high end mid tier.

Helps keep the character interesting and not bring on the Superman paradox.