Deadpool fancast

  Deadpool - Deadpool is a former subject of the Weapon X program and current redemptive mercenary who possesses a regenerative healing factor derived from the mutant Wolverine. He's well known as "The Merc with a Mouth", often breaking the Fourth Wall acknowledging being inside of a comic.

The obvious choice for Deadpool is Ryan Reynolds, who I think would be the best Deadpool possible, but, I think he should just stay with Green Lantern right now. So my first choice is T.J. Miller. T.J. Miller is a great up-and-coming comedian/ actor. His acting credits are Cloverfield, She’s out of My League, and Extract. In his parts he has shown that he can act well and is hysterical while doing so. I believe that if he gained muscle he would be perfect. Another plus is that he sounds very similar to Ryan Reynolds.

My second choice is Cam Gigandet. This guy in my opinion has a lot of potential as an actor. His acting credits are Never Back Down, the Twilight series, and Easy A. As shown in easy a, he can be funny. In Never Back Down, he showed he can play a crazy dude. Crazy and funny, I think those are the two words that describe Deadpool. This guy always plays the bad guy; I think he deserves a shot at playing the good guy, well somewhat good guy.

My final choice for Deadpool is a virtual unknown actor named Callard Harris. His acting credits are Sons of Anarchy and Glory Daze. This guy is a pretty good actor and he is probably the funniest guy on Glory Daze. If you don’t watch Glory Daze, his character is very similar to the character of Van Wilder, who was played by Ryan Reynolds. I think that Harris and Reynolds are very similar actors which is also another reason he is great for Deadpool. I think that if Harris gains muscle, he is perfect for Deadpool.

Ajax - The man known only as Francis was the former enforcer at Dr. Killbrew’s laboratory at the Weapon X compound. In recent years, Ajax, presumably under his own initiative, recruited over a dozen armored soldiers to kill Weapon X escapees, hoping to eventually locate Deadpool.

My choice for Ajax is Michael Clarke Duncan. His acting credits are Daredevil, The Green Mile, and Sin City. I Believe Duncan is a great actor. He has the perfect build for Ajax and I think he can pull this part off to a tee.

Sluggo -Another Weapon X vet who left to merc on his own. They have real problems with finding loyal recruits Weapon X does.

My choice for Sluggo is Randy “Macho Man” Savage. His acting credits are Spider-Man and the WWE. For Sluggo, I see more of an action part not much a talking part. This is why Savage is perfect for it in my opinion.

Weasel - Deadpool's friend/henchman, technology expert and weapons dealer.

My first choice for Weasel is Jay Baruchel. His acting credits are Tropic Thunder, She’s out of My League, and I’m Reed Fish. This guy is a very believable intelligent guy who can also be funny as seen in Tropic Thunder. He also bares a strong resemblance to Weasel.

My second choice for Weasel is James Roday. His acting credits are Physch and the Dukes of Hazzard. This guy is hysterical and could pull Weasel off very well. He also looks like Weasel.

My third choice for Weasel is David Krumholtz. His acting credits are Numbers, 10 Things I hate about you, and Ray. This guy is a much underrated actor. He can pull off a very intelligent guy as seen in Numbers. He can also be very funny as shown is 1o Things I hate about you.

Blind Al - Deadpool's former roommate/hostage and has been known to share a love/hate relationship with the wisecracking mercenary.

My choice for Blind Al is Holland Taylor. Her acting credits are Two and a Half Men, The Truman Show, and Legally Blonde. She is perfect for this role in my opinion. She is a great actress and is very funny.

Copycat -Copycat was a mutant who possessed the ability to shape-shift as well as to copy any power from another individual after a period of physical contact. She was at one time a member of X-Force, and a love interest to Deadpool.

My choice for Copycat is Eva Mendes. Her acting credits are Ghost Rider, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Ghost Rider, and Hitch. She is a great actress and is very beautiful.
(I would give credit to whoever made this picture but I don’t know who made it.)

Patch -Patch is the owner of the Hellhouse, a hangout for mercenaries. He dispatches assignments for the regular crowd there, including Deadpool. In exchange Patch gets a cut of their payment. He is a shrewd businessman and has some proficiency with guns.

My choice for Patch is Sam Elliot. His acting credits are Hulk, Ghost Rider, and Tombstone. He is a great actor and embodies badass in an old, mustachioed man. If you shave his head he is a great fit for Patch.

Wyre - Assassin for hire and a pale, if not outright, imitation of Cable.

My choice for Wyre is Ray Liotta. His acting credits are Goodfellas, Smokin’ Aces, and Hannibal. He is a great actor. He also looks just like Wyre in the face and I think if he gained muscle he could look exact like Wyre.

That’s my fancast. Tell me how you like it.

Posted by darkcloakx

i love eva mendes as copycat.  

Posted by CrimsonComedian

Not bad. 
And you're right, he does sound alot like Ryan!!!

Posted by yankeemanf
  @darkcloakx:  yea same
@CrimsonComedian:  thanx and i didnt realize that till yesterday i was like they sound the same lol
Posted by darkcloakx

cassidy freeman from smallville could work as copycat  than eva mendes.

Posted by yankeemanf
@darkcloakx:  idk cassidy freeman annoys me a lil and i dont think she is good looking enough maybe erica durance or kristen kruek if u want to get a smallville actress 2 play her but not freeman