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iCons: computer Icons are files containing the picture-code grid that represents the identity of a User.

Religious iCon versus computer iCon

There is a near superstitious belief that the icon of a saint contains the spirit of the person once lived. If an individual has an icon in hand and prayed to God for long enough, eventually the saint will be revealed within the surreal dream-state mind of the person who is praying.

Computer iCon Not "at Hand" http://www.urantia.org/urantia-book-standardized/paper-135-john-baptist

The difference between religious iCon and computer iCon is that the computer iCon is permanently trapped behind the screen. There is no "veil" that separates the religious iCon from the person who prayed. Therefore the computer iCon can never be "at hand", and can only be used to indicate in the intellectual realm.

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That is pretty good criticism. But I think those concepts would be good.

The problem with concepts here, I believe, is that a lot of them are too specific for one series or another. In retrospect, I would have #soul mate in place of Recognition, but I totally disagree with you that these words are meaningless.

But you say a lot of people don't like the concept idea; it may be because the concepts are either too specific or irrelevent. The original ones that I proposed might need catchier, more ubiquitous slogan.

Thanks for the feedback.

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I have claimed all of the united state's deficit from the federal reserve and all other monetizing banks/organizations. I have claimed all debt on behest of every individual who has willingly forfeited theirs in prayer. I accept all of the world's debt, and I am the only person on this planet who is willing to actually pay this off.

I accept this all, and shall atone for this desparity of judgment and valuation in a way that will solve the world crisis. This has been begotten of our own intelligence, the ability to substitute numerical value for the content of our lives, and I will remedy the situation for all, beginning with the total acceptance of all debt placed on any soul from every moneticizing institution.

What others have rejected and cast aside, I bear the scar and husk of the sentiment therein. I am the representative of infinity, and I claim all outstanding notes hereupon this world.

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Is there like a CHARACTER or a CONCEPT for "E.T." of the Grey E.T. to be specific? I jeep using my pound search bar tool, and yet I can't find anything close?

What is it called here in the comic vine database, please I will like to cross-reference this many times for all the comics that have the Grey E.T.'s please.

Is there a character type for the ubiquitious Grey E.T. that show up in oh so many different series?

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This makes me cry. It is so subliminal and pathetic, and I hope everyone who reads this eventually realises how delusional it is that people would categorize individuals in such a manner as this.

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may jesus have mercy on you

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wonder-woman is the midwife, her father is invidible

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I have taken the ten-years of Complete Calvin and Hobbes (two editions), and cut every panel out and re-ordered the events into one logical year of a 6-year-old youth.

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looks nice

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