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The Matrix Reloaded Review 0

The Saga continues! As Neo develops new abilities, like the ability to "perceive the world without time."(omniscience/precognition). Neo, the one, has been presented with a choice, a choice to either save Zion(the human race that has freed themselves from the Matrix) or the woman he loves, Trinity.It is a definite must see as it contains non stop action, dazzling special effects, and a plot that will have you hanging on to the edge of your seat!At the end of the film, Neo displays power he norma...

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The Matrix Review 0

This movie proposes the idea that the world we are living in is actually a vast, computer simulated reality created by sentient machines in order to subdue the human population and use our body's bioelectricity as batteries.It also deals with the philosophical concepts of a world without suffering, as the movie suggests that "a perfect human world where none suffered"(without poverty, disease, war,etc.) was not accepted by humanity, and that humanity finally accepted the Matrix when it included ...

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