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Nothing Spectacular

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Animus Corporations, Chicago

“Excuse me, ma’am you told me to alert you if anything progressed…it has” Y’s eyes rose to meet the bashful nature of her newest intern—Ingrid. “And…?” She replied forcefully; her commanding voice startling the new intern. “Well, the attacks have all been on government officials.” She reported, laying what appeared to be a confidential document across the desk.

“Greystroke Industries? How did you get this?” Y asked, her almond shaped eyes squinting in the direction of the newbie. “W-well…I-uh…have a connect at Greystroke industries…an ex-girlfriend…” She replied sort of embarrassed.

“And one apparently ready to risk her career for your love…how cute” Y quickly retort, pushing back in her rolling corporate seat; to another computer, she begin cross referencing the location of said attacks with Animus Corporation’s known drug dealer list. “It would appear I don’t have access to certain files” Y thought, sitting at the desk with a finger running across her smooth chin.

Since being returned to a female body, she was given the arduous task of rewriting the Sentinel program originally proposed by the Spanish President, Ziccarra Liafador. Her certifications didn’t warrant any merit outside of her perspective branch of the corporation; however Ingrid….somehow did.

“I-I…Can get you in…” Ingrid intervened, slowly creeping toward the computer; noticing her boss’ growing frustration with Animus Corporation information protocols. She wanted to question why a simple intern would have access to such files, but time didn’t permit a conversation; especially one where she may potentially end up slapping the new girl.

“Looks like a lot of isolated events in New York City…” Y’s eyes scanned the numerous drug lords with Animus Corporation—more importantly Pyrex connections. “Nothing…I’ll have to go to New York City myself and investigate it” Y said, immediately disrobing in front of the intern.

As much as she wanted to, Ingrid couldn’t shy away from the immaculate lithe frame of the cocaine goddess. “What do you plan to do there?” She asked, only to receive her first of many backhands to the face.

“What I do is of no concern to you…go wax something” She commanded, slipping into her skin-tight Lycra clad outfit the Apex predator moved toward the roof and her own personal helicopter.

Thomas Animus titan of industry had perished with the initial surge of the 3rd society (So we think anyways), this virus didn’t present enough enticement for the chairmen to see the gain, but for Y this was an opportunity to shift the playing field in her own direction finally.

“Ingrid…channel Animus Satellites to track large amounts of movement; I want to know of every military operation; police movement…hell let me know if the boy scouts are on the move.”

“As you wish”

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Posted, stay tuned I have another

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It seemed as if with almost little effort the 3rd Society’s troops overwhelmed the stiff resistance, and shattered the very meaning of “Sanctuary” was supposed to mean. Both of the demon blades parted the once metallic structure of an android, halving the synthetic human down the middle. “I’ve seen this invasion method before” She whispered, noting the machines were heavily interested in tactically engaging the populace while whatever was left of the Sentinels targeted members of the humanity that were considered high value threats.

However the entire war took a turning point when the machines halted their forward advance and found the source of their own individuality. Her guard dropped a bit; the machines seemingly didn’t want to fight especially if they didn’t have a reason for doing so. “Is this our future? To live in harmony with…machines?” one of the armed soldiers asked, trying to get a grasp on the entire ordeal.

“I honestly don’t know…” She replied, still trying to come to terms with what was happening. “Animus did this!” someone screamed, alerting the executive assassin to the presence of her employer within the broken walls of sanctuary.

“Animus is here? Where?” She asked insistently presenting her blades as incentive for them to speak. “He-he’s loading people on to his transport! He’s talking with Grayson right now!” The combatant spilled shying away from Y’s blades. Her eyes cut toward the location of the demonic structure floating in the sky “Animus?” There was apparent shock in her voice; the technophallic visionary of the 3rd had completely transcended humanity. She was impressed with what he could do with technology; after all it was his technology that reformatted her back into a female body.

“Fck…” she whispered, taking note to the presence of Thee Champion flying high in the sky, from his unusual demeanor she could tell he had been claimed by the 3rd society, a plan Animus ironically helped initiate. “It’s reality M all over again, except there is no Ziccarra; who’d of thought I’d be wishing for a Ziccarra”

Dashing toward the unearthed vessel she met eyes with Grayson for the first time “I’m probably going to fck you before this is all over, but you have to get to Gothic City now! Let us take care of this!” She hissed, pushing Grayson into the vessel not giving him a chance to protest.

Thee Champion was the highest form of deity, one crafted by mankind; if he was to taken down Y and Animus would have to work together. Pushing her hands forward she wasted little time in acting upon Thee Champion, attempting to pressurize the water in his body; to temporarily take his attention off animus. There was a true nature behind this gambit, but it was also deadly.

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That gif in my post is just a forshadow for my next one.

Anyways ShadowMaster I mentioned you. or interacted with you rather

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“These attacks are detrimental to what we planned to achieve” She murmured watching news coverage of the attacks in Gothic, New York City and LA. “So far the attacks have only been limited to the United States…well with the exception of Solace City” her intern explained standing beside her jotting down notes.

The Chinese Flower of Carnage let loose a strenuous sigh before; turning her attention to the young intern—whose were hands slowly making their way up her thigh and under her skirt. “Baby, you’re far to stressed; he will not allow this to go on much longer. The 3rd Society will not win this conflict, so relax”

Y released a sensual orgasmic sigh—the immediate results of her incensed nether regions. Even in the most intimate of moments; her mind fixates on how to push back the advancing 3rd Society. Soon it’d be Chicago, then the entire west coast.

“Stop…” Y whispered, feeling herself becoming too heavily invested in the coming sexual engagement, the young woman continued despite her objections; licking down the shaft of Y’s neck until the forceful back hand deposited the intern on the marble floor.

“I told you to stop didn’t I? Go clean yourself up!” She hissed, the scared intern scurried into the bathroom in embarrassment leaving Y alone with her thoughts. As her face returned to its natural hue; she discovered the secret to the 3rd Society’s success.

“The Sentinels…” The sentinels were created with the genetic make-up of Catalina Liafador—meaning they could augment their capabilities to match their aggressors. “Master…you shouldn’t speak to loud…” Her intern advised knowing the consequences of openly speaking out.

“They have a psionic link. I am aware. However if we can reverse their programming; we can reprogram their targets” She explained pulling up the schematics for the Sentinels. “How do you know they can be manipulated?” The intern asked, keeping her distance.

“Because Animus wouldn’t create something they cannot control” She replied, taking a mental note of where the processor had been, the news reported Zedora landed in Gothic City presumably to deal with the mounting resistance in Gothic.

“I’ll head to Sanctuary to get these findings to the resistance…you take these to Gothic to spread the word. Don’t do anything…”

She never finished the sentence the looming presence of an attack sentinel overshadowed Y’s would be warning. The powerful sentry launched what appeared to be a chasm of super heated plasma at the building, completely removing the exterior wall. “Ingrid run…stay in the tunnels, use no technology! Get that message to Gothic on your life!”

“Yes Domina” She screamed disappearing in the thick veil of smoke. Shifting her attention back to the synthetic titan, the Flower of Carnage readied her Black Rose Blade; as if she were going to fight; however she was merely awaiting the most opportune moment to flee.

“Target acquired, Xiao Zing; reformatting” The sentinel threatened; augmenting his abilities to combat Y’s.

“Fck me” She grunted taking off in a full on sprint at the sentinel; instead of attacking; she expertly employed her control over the air; and carried herself to safety on a gust of wind. From behind she could hear the destruction of the entire building.

“I was right…the sentinels are here in Chicago” She muttered, continuing her trek west towards the location of this “Sanctuary”. She’d heard many of her employees’s speaking on Sanctuary, an exact location was never spilled; but she was sure with the right “motivation” she could suck the answer out of anyone.

Gothic City

Smoke stacks bellowed from various areas of the city, what was once a thriving metropolitan had been reduced to rubble and foundationless dados. Her flight from Chicago was petrifying, if she flew to high she risk showing up on Sentinel Radar, flying too low meant she was bound to be seen by the vigilante processors of the “Society”.

The streets were dark and littered with debris; cars were left along the side of the road. The phantasmagoric atmosphere ushered by the Society could largely be blamed on her—Ingrid. She once worked for Animus Corporations as a Public Relations Officer, her use of propaganda on the right target audience dumbed down the nation, what struck her as strange; was that no one in Animus Corporation seemed to know what or why they were doing what they did—indoctrination, the most powerful tool employed by the sentient machines.

The sound of metal crashing against the semi-wet ground causes the young intern’s head to shift towards an alley across the street. Picking up a slow crawl towards an abandoned car; she caught a slight glimpse of the man standing over the body of fallen robots.

Dashing across the street, but not before looking both ways; she ran up to him frantically hoping that he was part of some sort of resistance. She never got a word out of her mouth, Zedora’s massive dreadnaught finally landed in the middle of downtown Gothic. “Fck…Sentinels…at least 5 of them….come on this way” She screamed, throwing a psion blade at the cover on a manhole.

“We can change the programming of the sentinels to target the Society, but I’m going to need your help!” she screamed, ducking into the manhole; as the massive sentries descended upon them.

Outside of “Sanctuary”

The flower of carnage sauntered meticulously into the supposed area of “Sanctuary”, being female again; defiantly had its advantages. When she was trapped inside the body of a Tykris an alien; a woman named Sofia Liafador came to her with the intentions on putting her back in her “own” body; why she did it was something she didn’t understand, but she knew one of these days she’d owe someone a favor.

Spitting the residuals from her mouth, the man pointed her in the direction of “Sanctuary-Square” apparently someone was going to speak. The sentinels had not yet made it to California; which was good, but the future of any meaningful resistance rest on those in Gothic’s ability to reprogram the “Master Sentinel”.

"Im going to fck you before this is over"

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Just so I'm not doing to much before they post, I'm going to post again as Zedora after Animus, and Auto

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The Corporate Assassin

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Y sat back in his chair stroking the protruding stubble on his jutting mandible, he allowed his erratic friend to finish the blue print for his takeover; as he sat he could finally see it all coming together. Standing to full form gazing out over the conspicuous moon, the corners of his ornate mouth slowly parted into a full on grin; finally someone shared his beliefs.

“I understand completely” He started, positioning his hands behind his back. Taking two calculated steps toward the perplexing prophet; he surveyed the atmosphere of the local setting taking in every detail through adept consideration. “I really do.” He said, again this time retaking his seat in the same manner as before.

“These ‘heroes’ swarm over every known corner of the universe following the ideals of truth and justice; but truth and justice were created to stop chaos; the autochthonous ideal that this very world was founded upon. What I am saying my friend is this, for Justice to exist there must be some form of Chaos; for Truth to exist there must be some form of deceit. To do away with all we must instill order; and the best way to instill order is through fear”

Surely the eccentric prophet knew this, he had already touched along the lines in his previous rant; however his words incited a long embedded set of malign morals in the King; causing him to sign on to Rama’s plan without actually saying so.

“To instill fear is to instill order, our order. The false prophets have reached an expiration date, and they failed.”

Y took a puff of his cigar before turning back to Rama. “Where is our first target?”

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