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I forgot I had this account

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Was goin to post, but now I don't feel like it.

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Catalina’s plans sparked what would be known as a New Order for the Ages. Right now aside from the occasional mercenaries; there were limited heroes working to keep the world in order. The only thing stopping the world’s “Elite” from obtaining total control of the Earth; was the personal quarrels.

After the HFC attacked the Trinity Compound, The VV should’ve finished the job, instead they fought each other; with very little opposition settling disputes between the factions could be facilitated with a simple meeting rather a physical confrontation. Very few thought like she did, instead of allowing the mind to take control and navigate the politics of world dominance; each player exhibited brute force in every confrontation.

Up until the point where she killed Milo, the Flower of Carnage had managed to keep a low silhouette in the grand scheme of things. The plan was genius, each and every grunt member of the world’s organizations were running into an old-fashion Liafador trap; those witty enough to see the formula traveled miles to spectate; and scavenge on the fruits of Catalina’s labor.

With her temporary alliance to Milo in full effect the Flower of Carnage slowly trekked across the bridge of appeal, being throughouly searched at each check point. The hilarity of the situation caused a cynical smile to crack the face of the viper; Catalina used the same techniques, Y used to lure Quintus and Ziccarra to New York City.

The VLA moved with uncertainty, even though they did their best to execute their security measures flawlessly; they indiscriminately searched for a reason to jail anyone. Y was clean, even after watching the ruthless guards nearly beat a man to death; she stood in Caracas still being escorted by the vigilante guards.

Judging from the citizens of Caracas, nuclear obliteration was just another thing to worry about, apparently their leader Xenon; a former member of the Trinity had been assassinated. The Supreme Chancellor issued harsh words regarding his future rule, and was undoubtedly looking for the Renegade Liafador weapon.

Though young, Catalina was highly intelligent; the nuclear trail would be an obvious find, which was why 3 triggers would be needed to activate it; however the exact locale of Kari and the warhead would still remain a mystery; thanks to the dark force.

“Sometimes in order to preserve peace, there must be chaos” Y whispered, extending her hands to the air. A small device descended in a wind Zephr to her; taking the device in hand the flower of carnage activated the first of three devices.

Cat needed just two more; one that waited idly in the pantheon, and the other in possession of a Reality Warping Ally; the prelude to Absolutism had begun.

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@tranquil: "No deal brave hart, I do not owe you anything" She said, finally giving him her full focus. "You expect me to help you defeat the Keijko; when you could not even kill Ziccarra?" Y took disrespectfully took a seat in front of him; watching as her goons vanished from afar. "Look at your back? tell me who exactly is watching it? You want to take on the Keijiko, you're going to need a lot more than me; and your little light tricks"

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@maximus_newcastle: Crossing her arms, her initial reaction was to snap; but given the time they had spent apart; him approaching her with business only seemed fitting. "What does this job entail?"

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Rest in Peace, "Jett Jackson"

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@tranquil: @tranquil:

“Running circles around me, sounds fun; but it’ll take more than a merry-go-round to nauseate me. Y’s gaze remained on the priest; it was like the vixen could hear his heightened pulse. “You can save your bravado Bravehart, I could care less about what gets you off at night” She said, temporarily shooting him a glance.

“You remember what I told you, when I left you dangling on that cross? It’s what I want to be a part of.” Y said, nodding at her escorts. The two “ladies” brushed pass him streamlining towards the priest. “I have some targets I need killed, a few of them are more elusive than I’d like to admit; however you’ve had a brief run in with two of them already. The Enemy of my enemy is my friend.”