Award Stan Lee The Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Stan Lee is a truly amazing American icon. He (along with Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and others) has created a lot of the worlds most iconic heroes and villains. He was in the army during WWII and wrote manuals, training films, slogans, and cartoons. His life is that not to be just looked over. He has accomplished so many wonderful things and frankly deserves this Medal. Please help spread the word and sign this petition! It must reach 25k signatures, so we're counting on all of your help. Thank you.

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Some Marvel wallpapers I threw together.

I had already uploaded them to an imgur album, so I hope you don't mind.

I had a bunch of space wallpapers, and some favorite comic art and thought it would be fun to mash them together! They're not perfect, but they are good enough for my screen!

(I take no credit for the artwork, only the mashing of)

Thanks for checking them out!


Newbie observations and deep (not really) thoughts

Well, I am pretty new here, for I made my account today. I really wish I had done this sooner, because this site is completely amazing. It's all so smoothly running, easy to use, and there are so many features to the site that really would help me out on things I have constantly struggled with/found to be inconvenient.

This is my first post, so if I am doing anything wrong, I would like no know. Otherwise I am just going to treat this for what it is: a blog.

Maybe I can talk a bit about myself. I have only been reading comics for about 2 years now. I am glad I started late, because they would have been a huge distraction from my schoolwork, and luckily senior year was pretty laid back. I enjoy anything mythological, obviously drawing me to Thor and Journey into Mystery. I have really enjoyed Gillen's run with JIM, young Loki is just such a good character. I am not going to sit here and talk about everything I like, so I'll say this: I am not very judgmental about things. I will never really criticize anything because I like most things. I do see the faults in things, but I always look past them.

If any of you read this, and have anything they would like to tell me about the site that they wish they knew about/were more aware of when they first started using it or stumbled upon, I would be eternally grateful to hear from you.

Much thanks, Happy Halloween,