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damn i want to watch this but another video that wont load... maybe its me, im running chrome if it helps

try another browser. It seems to work fine in Firefox.

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@lvenger said:

@xxkaeselxy said:

@lvenger said:

@_marc_74: For me, Unchained is something new, fresh and modern. Zero Year is unnecessary rehashing of events that don't need to be retold but are being told for temporary praise then will be forgotten.

All Origin stories are eventually forgotten unless they are amazing. This one is shaping up to be amazing.

If you don't like it, DC has made sure to showcase a bajillion other Bat books. :)

Not really. Some forced metaphors for Gotham City, a poorly characterised Bruce, some moments we've seen before plus Bruce having a lot of tech and being somewhat experienced means the purpose of Zero Year is contradicted. Thus I hardly see it as an amazing origin story. Certainly not a patch on Year One even though you can't compare the two.

I'm sorry that you can't enjoy the comic for what it is. It'll be back to normal in 10 months.

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@lvenger said:

@_marc_74: For me, Unchained is something new, fresh and modern. Zero Year is unnecessary rehashing of events that don't need to be retold but are being told for temporary praise then will be forgotten.

All Origin stories are eventually forgotten unless they are amazing. This one is shaping up to be amazing.

If you don't like it, DC has made sure to showcase a bajillion other Bat books. :)

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Pretty excited for this!

I wonder how Pandora relates to all these evil machinations. I wonder who dies and who crosses that line.

Damn it Geoff it's ConstanTYNE!

The English language pronunciation is ConstantTEEN. :)

@akbogert said:

@hawkguy: Aye, but the point is he's explaining what the JLA is, and that each member was brought in to counter one of the JL members, and in the book it was made clear that Catwoman was Batman's match. Side-switching is all fine and maybe Catwoman's disappearance has Green Arrow reattributed, but if you rewatch that part it sounds like he's almost struggling to remember who was paired with whom. *shrug*

It sounds like they recorded this in one take, so a slip up was likely. At least it's a minor one.

@cavemold said:

Thanks for telling me the plot johns.no need buy it now

Not necessarily. If you read the solicits, you knew what was going to happen. Hell, it's super heroes, you know in the end the heroes will be victorious. The point of the story is the journey. Who kills who, who swaps teams, whose friendships will falter, etc.

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What the Hell is a "Heroclix"? Wha-what do they supposed to do? I'm guessing they click? Is it like some nerd game like Magic the Gathering, and Poggs? I'm just happy they have a Fantomex Heroclix-Thing-of a-jigg.....

Heroclix is a pre-painted miniatures wargame. The game is played on a gridded map, usually being inspired by some battlefield from the comics. Every miniature in the game comes with a points cost that can range from massive (like Galactus) to something tiny (like a Nurse). Most models fall into the range of 25-300 points. The typical game is played with 300 points for each side, which can be spent buying any number of models. Most teams have 1 to 5 miniatures. In general the more costly the miniature, the better it is and vice versa. The click aspect comes from the models' bases. Every time the model takes damage, the base is clicked x number of times (where x is equal to the damage taken). Each click reveals a different set of numbers and powers, typically as a model takes damage his numbers (speed, attack, defense and damage) go down and his powers become less potent. Eventually, the model is KOed and removed from the battlefield. The winner of the game is the player who has defeated all of his opponents models or (in a tournament scenario) has accrued the most amount of points when time is called (i.e. has KOed a higher percentage of his opponents total points).

The game has a lot of tactical depth to it but is very easy to pick up and learn. It's a lot of fun.

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I really want that rogue model. I hope she's a common!

That Xavier/Magneto is going to be expensive on the secondary market.

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@time said:

@theacidskull: I tend to agree with you. I think Bendis is doing a good Job so far. Uncanny X-Men is about 6 issues so far and it's pretty good. All New X-Men was pretty good for about 10 issues. Issues 11 and 12 were ok too.

i am glad you are enjoying Them ^__^, but it;s just not enough to convince me :(, age of ultron is still terrible, and he is rarely consistent

You can't lay all of the blame for Age of Ultron at Bendis' feet. That event was written over a year ago and Marvel decided to hold back on it. The event was obviously re-written by committee in order to a) justify its importance in a post-AvX world and to shoe-horn in several changes to the universe (Angela, Galactus, Spidey 2099, etc.).

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@owie said:

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@owie said:

@e1000 said:

@nappystr8: I really hope you're wrong about Infinity...

BTW, 2 questions for those who read AoU, what the hell happened to the heroes who went to the future ? and

how the hell did Wolverine kill the other version of him ??

These are two of the many questions that arose in my mind after reading those last couple awful issues. I'm assuming the first one will be answered in one of the many spin-offs of Age of Ultron that are coming up. The second one was just bad writing. He could have drowned him, but there's nothing he could have done to kill him with his claws.

Well as far as I could tell, the guys who travelled first went to a future that stopped existing when Wolverine killed Hank so when they travelled back those versions no longer existed, or something, time travel is weird.

As for Wolverine killing his double, Wolverine isn't immortal, and I'm sure out of anyone he'd know how best to kill himself, also probably why it happened off-panel.

While I agree that they probably should have disappeared due to the time change, I'm assuming that's not the case simply because such a big deal was made about it at the time, and then it was completely ignored later. So I think it will be dealt with later in one of the many offshoots of the series; they making a continuing series based on this after all.

As for Wolverine, I just can't believe, given the track record for his healing factor in the last decade or so, that any standard cutting-style injury could kill him. I mean the guy was shown to be basically fully functional while Cyke was blasting him almost down to the bones. Even in this series he had his leg burned down to the bone and healed it in a few days. I could believe he could choke himself to death, but they showed blood on his claws, so I assume that's how he did it. Which is pretty much impossible from my point of view.

I am of the opinion that Wolverine had to eat the other wolverine to kill him. It's the only method we have not seen used against Logan (besides flinging him into the sun).

@papparu72 said:

Marvel has too many events period, and too many cross-overs. What ever happened to keeping a story going within a single title. I don't read much marvel anymore but I am a avid collector of Marvel's older comics, 1st app, and good story lines. Companies use these big events to make books that are not selling so well relevant. DC had the right Idea of less equals more...maybe a little sloppy on the execution but the right idea. Like other posts I have no idea whats going on, they need to slim down the titles and give the story for single titles time to breathe without big events popping up, cause readers are not stupid and can smell a money grab.

Marvel has too many events and tie ins because they sell *so* much better than normal comics. Printing an Event is tantamount to printing money. Even a lame event like Fear Itself averaged almost a 100,000 copies per issue. If the event is actually good/popular (like Civil War or AvX) then it averages 150+ copies per issue. There is nothing in comics that averages such high sales so consistently save for a few select titles (like Batman).

Comic Book companies have trained their audiences to think of events as "mattering" and non-events as being "filler" or "meaningless". The shame of it is that they really do need to work on making non-events as "mattering" because, eventually, there is going to be a big backlash against the overuse of events (and I'd say more than one a year is an overuse).

The only way Marvel will learn is if people stop buying event books and start buying non-event books. But that isn't going to happen until Marvel overplays their hand.

@crashbang said:

@redx9 said:

Seriously, Age of Ultron was a complete fail of a marvel event. I think on ign's podcast they said they had a hard time wondering why it was 10 issues because so much could have been cut out just to fit it down to 5 issues alone. but not just that but I really walked away from this with a "who cares" mentality. I'm not worried about consequences for this crap because it doesn't fit in the context of anything in regular 616 anyways even with Angela coming to the Guardians.

I totally agree with this. 'Changes everything' is a huge exaggeration. Changes what, exactly? Okay, Angela, fine, big whoop. This isn't Flashpoint level stuff, is it?

I also agree that it was hugely dragged out, with the back-and-forth with Wolverine getting very tiresome. They needed to trim the fat and not feel like they were just doing it to get more money. Guess I'm the sucker for buying them all.

It does change everything. It's the justification for why things in Marvel NOW! Aren't working right. This is clearly supposed to be placed before Marvel Now and, probably, before AvX.

@shinjiro15 said:

the one thing about Angela I'm curious about is "when she arrived". Marvel keeps saying that her new history is intertwined with Marvel, as if she has always been in the MU. she might have arrived ages ago, but then just found the core marvel characters.

I think in an itnerview I read mentioning Galactus in the UU this was hinted at as well - Galactus literally just got there, the quote saying he hasnt been in the UU for 3-4 years. But with Angela it's she;s always been there.

Angela could have been brought into the distant past of Marvel. It's not like the Ultimate Universe and the 616 Universe match up in terms of dates.

@fodigg said:

We have too many time travel/reality crossing storylines right now in Marvel:

  • All New X-Men: teams from both past and future
  • Age of Ultron: wolverine breaks the time stream
  • Uncanny Avengers: the children of Apocalypse are trying to kill the "seven futures"
  • New Avengers: other realities are crashing into ours possibly destroying it

I know this stuff is Marvel's bread and butter but it's just a lot all at once. It's like, really? Wolverine ruined everything? Then why do we care about what's going on in New Avengers? Does the original five X-men matter anymore?

Wolverine was the straw that broke the camel's back. Ultron was the Time Ruiner in that he was constantly watching the past and changing things after he took over.

@mrfuzzynutz said:

Bendis does it again, his stink is on another event that falls short, his name is a on a storyline that was supposed to set up a major turning point but was saddled with delays, remember how 'Secret Wars' was supposed to lead into 'Secret Invasion'? Age of Ultron was meant to lead into the Marvel Now launch, so this event failed in many levels to me

The delays for Secret Wars were due to the art, not Bendis. Age of Ultron was completed last year. Marvel withheld the comic.

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@omgomgwtfwtf said:

Is this time alteration thing meant to be permanent? Is Marvel trying to do a mini-flashpoint nonsense in order to legitimize revamping/ introducing new characters? I'm not entirely sure what was the point of this event. I mean if the changes are not permanent, then it's impact is zero and is practically a waste of time. Hopefully something good can come of this, because quite frankly Marvel is boring me to tears.

It potentially explains what is wrong with the "system" (i.e. the problem in the Avengers comics). It allows Marvel to add Angela to the 616 universe and push Galactus into the Ultimate Universe. Time Travel does not work the same way now and it will likely be that way for a while.

@e1000 said:

@nappystr8: I really hope you're wrong about Infinity...

BTW, 2 questions for those who read AoU, what the hell happened to the heroes who went to the future ? and

how the hell did Wolverine kill the other version of him ??

They were killed by Ultron.

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I don't think the city got hit by a hurricane, I think it got hit by the Joker blowing up the dam.

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