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Dragon ballz wipes out all the small fry leaving phoenix and the invincible juggernaut, broly holds off juggernaut, whilst Babidi and Bibidi use there magic to contain him, it could go either way people, Phoenix does not exist in the dragon ball z universe, and so it is very confusing, and so I am wondering whether that fat giant can do anything to stop her loool.

Krillin can beat wolverine, because he can knock him out with an energy blast, remember this is not about killing.

I wonder whether shenron the wishing dragon could make goku immortal.

Phoenix is the only problem

"a spirit bomb is useless in this battle, it is only for evil hearted beings"

They would get kocked out by the explosion

Yea GT is bullshit, non canon, and technically doesn't exist



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super saiyan 4 or any other character has no defense to 1. Matter manipulation 2.Reality warping and 3. BEING WIPED FROM EXISTENCE that's why phoenix solos. Also magneto can deflect all ki/melee attacks with his force field and manipulate the iron in everyone's blood. The stronger someone is , the more iron they'd have in their blood which makes killing every Z fighter a whole lot easier. Iceman can freeze their molecules and blood, also Juggernaught with cyttorak cannot be stopped by physical attacks and has physical strength stronger than hulks. Not to mention the fact that GT isn't canon so dbz has no chance

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well my question is , if Magneto has unlimited control of magnetism then couldn't Pietros muntant abilities evolve to where he can go as fast as he wants?

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Red Hulk wins because of size and strenght advantage. A Super Saiya can barely lift 100 tons, Raditz is nowhere near SSJ-level, though his energy manipulating abilities, durability, hand to hand combat and speed give him some help but it won't be an easy fight, if Rulk grabs him it is all over, even Raditz manages to escape he will be cocky just as Nobody stated and he would think an earthling is too weak.

in gt goku and vageta at ss4 could barely lift a city

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Ha, they're doing the same pose.


loll just noticed

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this is a good thread, apocalypse wins to me

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@andferne said:



"Your other scans of Cyclops tagging people are irrelevant, that wasn't in a fight like this, where Wolverine is going to be gunning for Cylcop's throat with a trio of Adamantium razor blades...going for the jugular vein. Cyclops may be cool and collected a lot of the time, but there are instances where he loses his cool. The pressure of knowing an animal is hunting for him is going to make him lose that cool...just like he snapped here and froze up. "

How long have Cyclops and Wolverine been team mates? I think Scott is well aware of what Wolverine will be trying to do, and that is the key word. Trying. Why on gods green earth would Cyclops allow for Wolverine to even get that close. He has one major disadvantage here, the lack of a ranged ability. While Scott has that to boot. None of the scans I provided are irrelevant, you just decide to ignore them because it hurts your case. Each of them show exactly what I mentioned and there are many more occasions I can post, even him taking out the X-men team. Which Wolverine was a part of at the time(s).

Yeah I see Cyclops folding under the pressure of fighting Wolverine... LOL

This is the same guy who has lead the X-men for so long, was hand picked to be the leader. Has faced off against dire odds countless times, etc etc etc.

As for the out of context and irrelevant scan, Sparda pretty much covered it. Wolverine lacks Stryfe's powers to accomplish the shown task.

umm your statement backfires. Wolverine knows Cyclops just as well if not better. Being leader doesn't mean jackshit, wolvie is the better and more experienced fighter, wolvie has handeled more deadly opponents, wolverine is stronger, and etc. All he has to do is deflect his beams right back at him or defend himself. Hes doged bullets, so I'm pretty sure he can survive optic beams. Cyclops has a long range projectile advantage and might KO him if lucky. im hardcore xmen fan so leave it to ppl like me that know what the hell they are talking about.

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wolvie wins, he survived a nuke explosion and he can block the optic blasts. he has an adamantium skeleton fwi... some comic fans u r

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I believe blade takes this, he's stronger and takes on enimies like decon frost while batman takes on bane, he can shoot batman