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I read the killing joke already. I was thinking no mans land but its hard to find where they start since it went back and forth weekly if someone had like a check list or something to help me id love to read them

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I have just finished reading The man who laughs and a killing joke as well as the 12 new 52's that are out. What comics start a good joker arc? Or atleast an arc with a lot of action like the dark victory and long halloween. I was thinking a death in the family? However no comic places have those issues. Any newer ones?

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I just finished Man who Laughs. I will read the long halloween, and the killing joke. then start the new 52. Somewhere in there I will read Arkham Asylum tales of madness. Thanks guys

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I was thinking about getting the man who laughs or the long halloween. I wanna read things that are more recent so I can have the joy of waiting at the store on a wednesday waiting for the new stuff to arrive

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I just wanna know what will make the most sense to me at this point in reading

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So I got Year One in the mail today and finished it in 3 hours (I did other things while reading it). I was pretty amazed by it. It was pretty much the first comic I have ever read and I am amazed by it all. I was a little disappointed to see no evil villians. Accept for the mention of joker on the last page. I was thinking of going on to read Batman Vol 2 #1 (The new 52 relaunch). Also I was thinking about starting Arkham Asylum Tales Of Madness after someones recommendation. Which one would be a better direction to go in? I like the new 52 because it is newer and I believe still active. As I want comics no more graphic novels. What are your guys opinions? Also, just wanted to add, who are the Roman's that part sort of through me off in ending. Is he just like a drug dealer Batman wants to take down or what?

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I'll take a look at 648. As for the graphic novel I will pass. I just bought enough of those haha

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@CrimsonCake said:

You started with Brand New day?Uh oh.

Then where would you recommend starting?

Also I was thinking of getting a graphic novel but I think I have a decent idea of spidermans background and such. Also I just bought a captain america and batman graphic novel so I wanna start getting some real comics now haha

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So I just bought 546 and 547. I have never really read any comic books before. My friend loaned me 2 cap americas, I had no idea who the characters were but I liked the idea behind it. So I did some research and decided to buy these 2 since I just saw the new movie (I know they are not the same). So was this a good place to start?

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Thanks for all of this. I will most definetly make an attempt to read all of it. I never really thought of torrents tbh. Those will be a great starting spot

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