Favorite Characters

Because everybody's got to have one of these, right?

There's no order to this - they're in sections instead.

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Posted by Deathstroke19

Nice seeing the classic bounty hunters getting some love.

Posted by Xwraith

@deathstroke19: I've always liked the other hunters more than Mr. Fett.

Posted by Deathstroke19

@xwraith: Same here! I've never been a huge fan of boba (i mean i like him but I liked almost all the other hunters more). I've always like Jango but Boba never really did it for me.

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Awesome list! It's cool that you mentioned some TMNT and Nintendo characters. I didn't even know there were two megaman's lol.

Edited by Xwraith

@geekyeverafter: Each different series (Mega Man X, Battle Network, Star Force, etc.) has its own Mega Man.

And TMNT is one of my two favorite currently running comics (the other is Lemire and Sorrentino's Green Arrow).