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while i do agree that this new friendship between emma & young jean maybe forced you have to look at all of the scenarios.

1- since jean's death how many times has she interacted with emma, saving emma, hinting to emma that there was more to come. that emma had to be prepared. of course at the time everyone assumed that was all in reference to Hope but for all we know it went beyond hope and now we have teen jean.

2- emma has tasted the power of the phoenix force, knows what i can do and what it did to jean.

3- emma at the most part has limited control over her powers, with teen jean gaining powers she never had before maybe emma is using jean as a way to reclaim her previous powers as well as amplify them. as of late we know emma has been feeding off of not only teen jean's power but the cuckoos as well, who knows what the long term effects of this will be.

4- between Jean & the cuckoos emma is making sure they are strong enough to handle the telepathic responsibilities that 616 jean, xavier & herself once handled.

5- teen jean is a timebomb.... why would emma want anyone else teaching her. yes there are other telepaths out there that are stronger than emma was but not all of them have the fine-tuning and control emma has. the only other telepath that emma would have felt comfortable enough with training teen jean is xavier but he is dead

6- we have seen that the O5 can directly effect their present counter-parts in certain ways, maybe emma feels that establishing a friendship with teen jean will change her & 616 jean's stance/friendship should she ever return or atleast if the O5's return to their original place in time does change the present surrounding the x-men/mutants maybe it will better emma & jean's or even scott's relationship

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because this happened after rachel had the confrontation with Galactus and he told/showed her that her use of the phoenix force was denying future life because she was absorbing that power. plus she came to terms that it wasnt her destiny to defeat apocalypse but rather to save and bring up the chosen one who would defeat apocalypse

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Yes i wasnt prepared to find out that mystique was xavier's wife..... i am interested as to when this took place and what it really means for mystique. does it mean that Raven was truly a double agent for xavier even still after her latest stint with the x-men. does it mean xavier knew what was going to happen as far as Hope or did mystique keep that info from him. what does this mean for all the interactions that involve xavier & mystique with other people. xavier is basiclly nightcrawler and rogue's stepfather now

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1. Among the telepaths, who can unlock another mutant's powers?

Sage is the only one, the others can only shut powers down by telepathically blocking their ability to access them

2. Did O5 jean unlock her powers by herself? is there still powers yo unlock?

O5 jean unlocked her new powers with the help of beast, who told her she was a telepath to which removed the mental blocks & when she had her recent power boost was due to training with Oracle of the Imperial Guard

3. who's powers have been unlocked already?

too many, most due to secondary mutation

4. Is 2nd mutation considered unlocked powers?

basiclly because the secondary powers dont unlock when the original power(s) do

5. what do you think would be your fave mutant's power state when his or her powers are unlocked?
O5 jean & iceman.... so far

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Elixir is also an omega level mutant

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damn so much is happening this year/next year cant wait for the axis event to start

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maybe it will be wolverine

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@adamtrmm said:


Good thread! Was asking myself the same questions, but sadly, I have no answers, only additional questions to add :(

@xspectre28: Interesting thoughts about Bishop and how his memories were altered as a response to HOM, but this wasn't really the case for him, he just acted the way he did and his timeline was changed just because, or am I missing something?

idk, thats why i said a back story should have been done to wrap up everything revolving around Hope, if Bishop knew originally about Hope or any of the others that came from his timeline( Shard, Fitzroy, Kane, Greystone, Archer, Fixx) why did none of them other than Bishop make any mention or or reemerged when Hope popped up? (i think Fixx & Archer are still alive). also Cable's future also made reference to bishop's so why didnt cable know about Hope at first until Gambit told him the Phrase that cable used to discover the info about Hope in his own computer. the only excuse i could come up with is that with all the timeline alterations that occured the people that came from the future or have knowledge of the future should have known something because the knowledge should have been altered/overwritten with their old memories... the destiny diaries were targeted as well plus Mystique knew so that meant Destiny knew long before it happened which lead me to believe that destiny can see alternate futures as well.

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yes after this happened they basically wrote Elixer off after his involvement with Necrosha. as for Rogue she still has to touch people to gain their powers i think but yes Hope erased the death-touch and all the personalities in her head and to me i think that it was because Rogue's power were stuck in a stagnant state in order to protect her mind from being taken over completely by personalities she absorbed. i feel that that stagnant state is the same with the five lights before Hope touched them and i feel that Hope basically reset her power but it wasnt until Xavier and Danger made contact with & helped fix Rogue's powers during Manifest Destiny that Rogue gained full control of her powers. yes there was no reference to Hope at all before Messiah Complex and i find that funny because if thats the case but you have to take into account that bishop helped to change his future im figuring plus this future timeline was altered around the whole HoM arc as well and when the world was reset he had some new memories to mix with his original ones as what happened when he went to the AoA. when HoM happened he probably knew then that Hope was coming but he was biding his time. (Dont remember but was Bishop targeted as well when the villains were attempting to limit the xmens access to information surrounding Hope???) the five lights were originally the ones who were suppose to take up the Phoenix 5 position and i find that interesting because with their connection to Hope i felt that they (The Lights) wouldn't have been corrupted by the Phoenix the way (Cyclops, Emma, Namor, Colossus, & Magik) were because they were still connected to Hope & Hope would have maintained their Humanity for them. as for the villains, there hasn't a been a X-villain team up like this for a long time. i loved the idea but yes the fact that only Sinister had a run in with Hope after she returned was not fully received i mean we know what Mystique's reasoning was for helping him, to betray him so she could use Hope to save Rogue. but what was Sinister's real reason for acquiring her: for the Phoenix force?? because she was meant to save the mutant race??? or just because she was the first mutant born since M-day.... it was never reveal. as far as Jean grey connection i think Hope is or shall i saw was suppose to be either the portion/shard of the phoenix was in Jean's likeness(Phoenix 1 after she took on Jean's appearance) or that she is the 616 version of Rachel Grey because there has been no resolution on the fact of whether rachel is truly scott&jean's daughter or scott&phoenix(in jean's form's daughter)

i feel that before some of these other arcs since second Coming back stories should have came out on Hope, Rogue, Bishop, & the Lights to tie up the loose ends around them but what we did get is Hope currently in a coma

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if the X-men are no more my loyalty to Marvel will cease to be!!!!!