Redheads - The Ladies

A list of female comic redheads.

(list continuously updated)

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I approve this message. great list. I love red heads. Teela and Vindicator are one of my favorites. mainly heather hudson cause she is canadian.

Posted by xscarletkittie
@Trodorne:  Thanks! Redheads are marvelous.
Posted by daedalus25

Redheads are great!  I haven't looked through the entire list, but I know that 23. Demonslayer and 50. Etta Candy are both blondes.  (The main image of Demonslayer has "reddish" hair due to the red flames.  See the rest of her images to see that's she quite blonde.)

Edited by xscarletkittie
@daedalus25: Thank you for clearing up the confusion with Demonslayer. Her hair seemed to border on the strawberry blond side in some pictures. Etta Candy can be considered a redhead, though. She's not portrayed as one currently, but there are many issues where she had red hair :D
Posted by moviegeek17

Great list of amazing redheads! Thundra is my personal favorite though, been a fan of hers for a long time

Posted by EganTheVile1
Posted by Monarch_Chronicle

I guess no one read runaways huh?