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I am really looking forward to this, but if it has the same thing of heroes have an argument then come together to destroy the drones before the big bad guy that Avengers 1 had I will be kinda disappointed.

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@dman1366 said:

@oldnightcrawler: i am glad that I am not the only one who does not think Bachalo is the end all be all to X-Men

I'm really hot and cold with the guy. Sometimes I think his stuff looks great, other times it gets pretty bloated and messy. On Uncanny', he's been mostly somewhere in between, but this issue was decent (although, still bloated in some scenes).

I'm still always surprised how popular he is though, since, even at his best, he's pretty styley and weird.

I have never been a fan of his, I prefer the styles of Coipel and Ibanez. For me, I find that styles like Bachalo and Anka have a very basic look which to me sometimes makes it indistinguishable between different characters.

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@squares: I didn't even know I could do that haha.

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What do you guys think of this weeks comics?

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My reviews for comics this week

Storm #4

A great start to this little arc, Loved Storms power displays, I feel we haven't seen anything other than lightning for some time now so the variations were great. Also I really like how Pak writes all the characters, I liked the subtlety in regards to the death of wolverine but more importantly I wonder now if when Storm leaves Vegas and heads home she decides to get the full hair back. It appears to me that Yukio is the part of Storm that is free and then when she returns she will be happy to get back to being a motherly Storm.


Uncanny X-Men #27

I started Uncanny when the Schism happened and then dropped it, then started again with the Last will and testament. I am liking that it seems to be bringing the X-Men together along with AXIS (The moment of Cyc grabbing Storm was a little hint at something most X-Fans want I think, the family back together). I truly hope we are on to the start of seeing them all together. However, I also worry that this series is going to go down the Cyc is a full villain route purely from what he says to Matthew at the end of the issue.

There doesn't seem to be any way that Matthew can live at the end of this arc, he is way too powerful for the current 616 universe to be dealing with, He can wipe out all of the X-Men in a heartbeat.

where is Wolverine?


Wolverine and the X-Men #10

I can't make my mind up on this issue, Some of the art was awful to me. The pages with Iceman and Beast were attrocious and seemed to throw any thought of continuity in regards to their looks out of the window.

There was also very little in regards to content within any of the stories that the students and teachers told. For the fact Wolverine is and has been one of the most prominent characters in memory should really have had more impact in what was being said. If I compare how his death was handled in Storm #4 to this issue I think Pak delivered more heart to the character. I felt these little things were more just filler until the next issue.


and AXIS #2

I actually liked AXIS #1 and for me, 2 managed to keep me interested. I don't like some of the dialogue in the book (especially for Iron Man) and also there seemed to be a bit of a lack of a plan between the teams , it was like they just sent in waves of people to be "killed". Not the type of thing you would think to do when you are going up against someone like Red Onslaught. Major Gripe was Iron Man not putting Magneto into his "kill all heroes" plan or whatever it is. Surely Magneto has been on the X-Men over the years so many times that it wouldnt matter, and also the idea that Iron man builds Magneto defense things into his own armour but not something designed to take down heroes seems a little farfetched to me.

Overall I have positives though, whether its because I am more of an X-Men fan that Avengers, I feel that this event will be the turning point for the X-Men and frankly that can't come soon enough for me, so there is some natural bias.

I do like that it is also a classic heroes vs villain story up until now, and even after this point it seems that it will continue in that vein.

I am sure AXIS isnt going to be everyones cup of tea. But anything that makes the Universe come together for a while to fight villains rather than each other is great in my book.


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Same, I really do just hope that this actually does bring them back together. I have a feeling it will just fracture them all into completely new teams again and not have the "family back" I want Storm and Cyc to be pals again where they have blue and gold.

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This is purely just a speculation list, nothing official has been announced yet.

I wouldnt mind Selene being a horseman actually and then being a fully fledged villain in either another X-Men film or an X-force film

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I am loving the Storm 5# cover, and unlike lots it seems I am looking forward to Axis and how wolverine's death impacts some of the X-Men. One thing that I am surprised nobody else has commented on is how that big grey hulky thing looks like the Five X-Men in Apocalypses hand combined into one. (Storm's hair, Colossus's arms, Cyclops Eyes, surrounded by a cloud of smoke similar to Nightcrawler)

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I liked X-Men 18 too, I actually liked Woods run and wished we saw more of the sisterhood. I think Wood was a little too creatively controlled around the BOTA and it really showed when he struggled to develop characters.

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Yeah I wasnt a massive fan of the phoenix 5 but it is canon, and to be fair the phoenix wasn't actually intended for them so it does work. It also shows in that each of them fell quite quickly to madness with only Emma (a telepath) and Cyke (who knows how the phoenix force works more than most) lasting till the end.

So getting back on subject,

Could Storm host the phoenix? Definitely.

Could she maintain it? Longer than a lot of non psychics due to her own knowledge of it and her will, but inevitably she would succumb to its power.

Should she host it? It would depend on the story, a phoenix 5 scenario then why not, but otherwise no.