Xorion the Mage

Codename: Xorion

Name: -

Aliases: Robert Xorion, The Mage, Sorcerer, Emrys, Michael, Maker,...

Age: -

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

For many people who studied mystics the name Xorion has a ring to it. Xorion although his origin along with his name remains a mystery known to be the powerfull sorcerer he is. For many years he followed the cases involving occult mysteries, fought against the supernatural but still his main course is chasing the knowledge. Not the power, nor a title. Only the knowledge. A man with lust of knowledge he is the very person who walks into the mysteries without thinking the consequences. The man to take the first step into the unknown.

Xorion had shown some indications over his age in his interactions with others. Most of them indicates him to be much older than he looks and in some occasions he spoke badly against all humans. In those occations most of the people taken them as him seeing himself above all human but it also indicates him to be something nonhuman. He knows everyplace in many dimensions of hell and the mystical dimensions of earth. His perception are quite intriguing most of the times taking notice of things others did not. Some people tried to learn his name trough rituals only to be faced with a unbreakable spells even beyond him, protecting it.

With the dawn of the age of heroes the work had changed. Some heroes had taken the roles to defend specific cities against every danger. In these situations he had to meet and work with some heroes against everything supernatural. He specifically chose not to reveal himself and kept his works under the radar as much as he could. With time, life had put him into places where he had to choose between his goals and being a hero and most of the times he chose the most practical ways. He had saved some betrayed some and in the end he'll only work for himself nothing more.


Sorcery/Magic/Mystic/Occult (anyway you want to call it)

As a psychic he can sense the otherwordly beings and mystical energies around him as well as having visions about the future and the past. He is capable of using astral projections and telepathic communications. As a sorcerer he is capable of using vast amount of spells. He is master at illusions, telekinesis and mystical energy manipulation (mistyc bolts, bindings, shields, etc) and an adept at using summonning, banishing, conjuration and alteration spells but he is not as good at elemental magic. He is also good at rituals, dark and blood magic.

He’s capable of tapping into dark energy with using life force. After draining someones life force or using his own, he unleashes his dark side which increases his power levels greatly but makes him lose control over himself. With dark energy other than his normal abilities, he can sumon and control demons, he can use the fires of hell, he can create blasts of pure dark energy, can materialize shadows and control them Even though he is the most powerfull in this form he doesn’t use it unless he is left in a situation with no other choice because unlocking it, is too risky and hard to control.

Skills: He had been trained in martial arts for years. Even though he doesn't consider himself to be a master martial artist, he has enough skills to defend himself against many foes using martial arts. He is an excellent swordsman able to fight off against vampires, werewolves and many supernatural creatures with incredible conditions. He is a natural hunter, survivalist and explorer. As efficient with a gun in his hand as he is with a sword. While having a vastly amount of knowledge over supernatural, he has not much knowledge over technology excluding the knowledge he deems handy. He is in peak condition and is a fast runner. He has a good amount of durability and a big pain tolerance. He is also a professional actor (he says he has played in numerous acts in his life) and a good liar.


9mm handgun: Usual 9 mm handgun for times of need. He also carries specific bullets including blessed, silver, golden ones.

Xorion using the Sword of The Fallen

Sword Of The Fallen: The Sword originally belonged to a fallen archangel. How or when did Xorion acquire the sword is a mystery but the sword remains one of the strongest tools he possess. The unbreakable sword has the ability to cut through magic. The blade hurts as long as the wielder will's it. A binding spell is applied once the possesion of the sword changes and through this binding the owner can summon the sword at will. The main use of the sword may be it's ability to hurt every being including the ones immortal, etheareal and intangible. In some texts it's called as a blade and not a sword but this is mainly because of it's ability to change size.

Ring Of The Defender: The ring used by the guardians of the jungle fairies. Xorion acquired it from one of his friends who had taken the ring as a gift from the fairies by helping them defend their home against a demonic threat. The rings main use is that it enables the user to create force fields through the wielders energy without needing any spell casting. The ring also boosts the wielders magic abilities.

Wand of The Snake: The Wand of The Snake specifically created to use as a tool for rogue tricksters. The wand's main use is to open the locked doors and create little explosions. Unlike most wands this particular wand is not good enough to channel the mystical energy of the user for other spells but efficient enough to boost casting illusions.

Eternal Tongue: The medallion of the eternal tongue crafted and used by the djinns. The medallion translates any spoken language to the wielder and translates the wielders words back to the people around. Eternal tongue is a usufell item and a bad memory to Xorion for it was given to him by his last love Trisha before giving her last breath.

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