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She has plenty of opportunities to appear with Hellion and Elixir having boiling storylines.

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Too many characters 
Too many characters that didn't really have prior personalities established (Tattoo, Redneck, Radian) - so they weren't new, but weren't old either 
Not enough of who these characters were.  They best parts were Sofia dreaming and Jono talking about how he's changed his life.  There was little transition for a lot of these characters who have TONS of dangling plot threads and existing dominant personalities.  I just don't think the writer really knew these characters and that's a big mistake when utilizing D-List fan-favorites (either choose A-Listers or choose D-Listers and nerdgasm WITH us) 
Additionally, powers that for the most part didn't relate to the characters at all (Jono was the only one given a passable reason) 
Night Thrasher 2.0 - who cares? I didn't mind recycling the name "New Warriors" but this book really should have been set-up more firmly in the X-Verse. 
I would have used: 
Jubilee, Jono, Sofia, Prodigy, and I would've seen if I could've snagged Rictor and/or Moonstar. 
Civil War stuff is fine.  Give them a reason to fight for (ie against registration) 
Utilize Jubilee's then-recent past with an ex-mutant shelter.
Have them occasionally encounter other depowered mutants like Angel/Beak, Quicksilver, Marrow, Stacy X, Blob, etc.  
Establish a rivalry with a Marvel Universe villain group, perhaps exploiting their stance against registration
Arc with Diablo...conflict about using dark magic to restore their powers  

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@Squares: They don't know what Apocalypse's blood has done to his physiology exactly, so he could be a mutant.  His viewpoints have definitely changed since he said he wanted to be left alone in New Excalibur, certainly after his suicidal thoughts subsided as seen in New Warriors.  He DOES have a great fondness for Jubilee and has a history with Husk though he might not be interested in seeing her.  He's also friends with Wolverine and despite their rivalry, he may want to have a conversation with Warren about Apocalypse and his schemes.
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There are lots of characters who fill the same niche.  Who would you choose between the following characters: 
Battle of the Explosive Babes - Dazzler or Jubilee or Boom Boom?
Fans and creators alike have argued that Jubilee was X-Men writer Chris Claremont's tabula rasa version of Dazzler, whose character was already largely defined by her groundbreaking solo series while Jubilee and Boom Boom have often bonded by their uncanny similarities in both power and personality.
Colorful Transporters - Nightcrawler or Biink?
Not much to differentiate here but general ability (I know they are used in different ways) and general appearance, but the fact that two of the X-Men's discolored mutants can teleport does raise a few redundancy flags. 
Brooding Dudes - Chamber or Rictor?
While their abilities are largely different, both former mutants can be characterized by their ability to brood over various tragic events in their lives.  While their circumstances are different, these dark-haired heroes still fill the same personality role and their similarities may make it impossible for them to ever serve on the same team. 
Bulky Guidos - Strong Guy or Rockslide  
These two characters have different visuals, but similar tank status in their respective affiliations.  Additionally, they both are the comic relief/dumb jock of their inner circles and both even are often paired with their own "straight" man (Madrox and Anole, respectively).
Pretentious and Elf-Like - Northstar or Namor  
While one is half-fairy and the other half-fish, these two often-waxed, high browed individuals are infamous for their snark on-and-off the battlefield.  Both share the ability to fly (among their other abilities) and have had trouble holding on to a steady gig in the past decade.  

Teenage Mutant Ninja Geniuses  - Prodigy or Cypher 
Since Cypher's return, he's taken over the role of young genius working on Danger and other "smart guy" projects Doctor Nemesis has no time for.  Both are former New Mutants of two different generations and have a history of being creepy, supportive, and boring in their comic book careers.  

Arrogant Playboys  - Sunspot or Hellion 
Both are from different junior X-Men teams and both have the ability to snag the ladies.  While Hellion's been cut-off since his self-titled mini-series in 2005, both men have been raised with a silver spoon in their mouths, spending their parents money on their mutant friends.  

Masters of Evil - Mastermind or Lady Mastermind 
This comparison is only natural and while these two ladies have shown to be able to co-exist and be interesting due to their scathing rivalry, its only a matter of time before one sister comes out on top.  

Unphased Youth - Cipher or Loa 
These two women share the ability to phase through solid objects, although one specializes in covert operations while the other can be a bit more destructive.  However, their general ability is duplicated in an already large generation of students and its only a matter of time when another crossover rolls around and another New X-Man has to turn in their shirt.  

Firey New Mutant  - Firestar or Magma 
Again, two lady mutants from the same generation share similar powersets.  However, one has been occupying her time in the larger Marvel universe while the other occupies her time...I'm not sure what Magma does with her time, actually.  

Maiden of Metal  - Husk or Mercury 
Most people would have trouble differentiating the two if it weren't for their brightly colored wigs on top of their metal bodies.  Someone has to go.  

Giant-Sized X-Men - Colossus or Warpath 
Warpath is more of a legacy to his brother, the original Thunderbird who debuted alongside Colossus in the 1970's, but nonetheless the two are large tanks in the X-Men arsenal.    Warpath's use had been growing steadily since he joined the X-Men during Brubaker's run, but he has drifted off the radar since leaving X-Force.  Can the younger spirit outshine the iconic if not stagnant Russian tank?

Quickly Catty - Quicksilver or Northstar or Velocidad (Gabriel Cohuelo) 
C'mon...the similarities are just too much.  Fast, snarky, and the former two even have similar eye-brows. 
Quicksilver has so much more relevant history to the X-Mythos but he is also oft-relegated to the Avengers or the removed X-Team X-Factor.  Northstar is an iconic gay figure in the X-Men.  Gabriel is part of an important new wave of mutants and also has newness going for him.  But which one belongs?