Nahteb: Origin Part Four

(Continued from Parts One, Two and Three)

Silence fell between the three

And then, quite unexpectedly

Nahteb spoke "I have misgivings

About this so-called eternal living

But if it means our love won't die...

The appeal of that can't be denied

Imagine, Gober, that we're never parted

Neither of us broken hearted

Death a thing that comes for others

While you and I are eternal lovers

What do you think?" She eyed him sweetly

Celso watched and smiled discretely

Both waited on the man's reply

With quickening breath and eager eyes


Then Gober said "I promised you

I would do all that I can do

To bring to you your every need"

And reluctantly, he then agreed

"So we have a deal then?" Celso asked

And both the lovers answered fast

They nodded, smiled, and linked their hands

They made their vows to the sad old man


Then Verrier grinned and raised his brow

"Well it would seem I have you now

You took an oath that can't be changed"

He looked at them and laughed, deranged

"Enjoy eternal life, young woman

I know I will" and then he summoned

A Rainbow Bridge between he and Gober

Snatched the man, and threw him over


Gober vanished before their eyes

And that's when Nahteb realised

She and her lover had been tricked

In ways too cunning to predict

"Where did he go?" young Nahteb pleaded

"Everything you said was heeded

Bring him back!!" The girl demanded

But Verrier jeered "My dear, he's stranded

Far away in Neverwhere

And you will never find him there

For you may dearly love your man

But he and I have other plans"


Nahteb fell to her knees and cried

"Damn you Verrier, you lied!

You offered me eternity

With Gober at the side of me!!"

And at this she saw Celso smirk

Admiring his own handiwork

"I said your love would last forever

I never said you'd be together"


The End....?


Nahteb: Origin Part Three

(The penultimate installment, continued from Part One and Part Two)

Asked Gober: "But at what cost to me?"

In this world nothing is for free

So make your offer now, be straight

You know, we do not have to wait

We could just go right back to town

And leave your sorrows here to drown."

At this, he stood, took Nahteb's hand

And looked again at the old man

He said "You speak of fantasy

What will be shall always be."


But as the lovers left his den

He called out to them once again

Frantically, in a tight, shrill voice

He yelled "Alright, you made your choice

I thought eternal love a gift

The likes of you could not resist!

It seems your words were not so true

We both have been deceived by you."


He looked at Nahteb, sad and pleading

His sympathies were quite misleading

She said to Gober "Not so fast

He's being straight with us at last

My love, I think that we should listen"

In her hair, fresh raindrops glistened

Gober kissed one away, and smiled

He held her close to him, beguiled

"If that is what you wish, okay

We will hear what he has to say."


It is then that Celso made his deal

He said "I do know how you feel

I loved a girl once, long ago

And every day I miss her so

A rival of mine took her life

Before she could become my wife

And ever since I spend my days

Investigating all the ways

That I could bring her back again

I had no success, but then

I had a breakthrough, of a kind

I found a way to master time

To harness youth, I found a way

To keep old age and death at bay

And though it is too late for me

You needn't also suffer, see?

And that is why I called you here

Because now, after all these years

I found that love can outlast time

And though I cannot salvage mine

You two seem the most in need

So tell me then, are we agreed?"


Final part up next....



Nahteb: Origin Part Two

(Continued from Part One)

They knew nothing of the Great Dark Lord

And so sensed nothing untoward

The rain kept lashing down, the wind

Cut to the bone right through their skin


Nahteb turned at once to Gober

She searched him with her eyes, all over

She said "I fear we may find danger

If we trust this total stranger"

But Gober took away her fears

Leaned in and whispered "I am here

To guard you from all hurt and sorrow"

And with that they began to follow

Celso deep into his lair

The darkened cave of Verrier

A place so dank and dark and cold

You feel an absence in your soul


Inside, the sorcerer lit a fire

Gober was bold, Nahteb was shyer

She watched as he approached the flames

Then Verrier spoke both their names


"Nahteb, Gober, I must say

I heard your vows of love today"

He stopped a moment, with a sigh

A strange look came into his eyes

"There's nothing like a lover's kiss

It grants the soul its deepest wish

A shame that death will one day part

The unison of loving hearts"


Gober laughed "That's your mistake

Old man, you see, for it would take

Far more than death to seperate

Two lovers made as one by fate"


But Nahteb knew he spoke the truth

Her lover, bright with hope and youth

Had failed to truly understand

The wisdom of the sad old man

She said "What if there really is

No other life except for this?

Then eighty years would not be long"

Said Celso: "Gober, is she wrong?

Would you lie forever in your grave

When both of your lives could be saved?"


To be continued...

(Part Three)


Nahteb: Origin Part One

Nahteb was once a normal girl

She had seen nothing of the world

She lived alone in a small wood shack

In a quaint town named Tuhelenback


There came to town a man named Gober

A sweet, smart man (when he was sober)

The most real person she ever met

With a kiss no woman could forget

They fell in love, they planned to wed

They shared a house and shared a bed

Their life together felt complete

Like fate had willed their souls to meet


But one day while walking out together

In bright and showery, summery weather

Nahteb and Gober found the lair

Of the evil Celso Verrier

Celso was a man of power

Whose magic strengthened hour by hour

A sorcerer of ill intent

And knowledge without precedent


As Celso heard the passing lovers

Speak of how they need each other

His lonely hateful heart was stirred

His temper boiled with every word


First Nahteb spoke: "You know, my dear

I love you more with each new year

I cannot wait to be your bride"

To which her lover fast replied

"I love you too, with all my heart

And we will never be apart

The whole time that I live and breathe

I'll be with you" And Celso seethed

To hear the couple so besotted

While Celso sat inside and rotted

And so he came out from his den

He walked right up and spoke to them


"I am the Great Lord Verrier,

I have the answer to your prayers.

Please, step out of the rain a spell,

Come with me and all will be well."


To be continued......



Nahteb: A Poetic Introduction

Hi! I am new to the RPG section, and might be a little cheesy, but I thought this could be a nice way to introduce my character. I hope you like it.

Also, thanks to @pyrogram for the encouragement to post this!


Nahteb sits down on the grass

She's waiting for the storm to pass

As rain falls down like heaven's tears

She thinks: Still, after all these years

My search for you gets ever longer

My love for you grows even stronger

She plucks a daisy from the ground

Between her fingers twirls it round

She thinks of he who is so long gone

And plucks the petals, one by one


The rain now dwindles, the clouds are lighter

The sun, once hidden, now shines brighter

She stands and stretches, looks in wonder

Up at the sky where once was thunder

Now, in its stead, a rainbow shines

It calms her nerves and soothes her mind

The colours light her soul like fire

Remind her of her heart's desire


Nahteb, against the breeze she shivers

She begins to walk along the river

Searching for a love untold

The hidden half of her saddened soul

So if you find your heart is broken

Your lips are sealed by words unspoken

You may see her wander by

The spark of love still in her eyes

Walking with her rainbow umbrella

Hoping to find her long lost fella