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See also: Nahteb: A Poetic Introduction.

Nahteb is a non-combat character. Some say she is a ghost, or a fairy: a myth. But she is all too real.

One version of Nahteb


No one knows where Nahteb was born, or how long she has been wandering. Legend has it that she is looking for her lover, that the two were long ago cursed to live on separate planes of existence by a jealous sorcerer named Celso Verrier who wanted Nahteb for himself. But she never stopped searching, even though deep down she knows that she will never see him again. She is the Half-Girl, Mistress Of The Rainbow, an ethereal guide to the lost and the broken hearted, damned to wander in search of her lost soulmate. Doomed to live her seemingly endless life incomplete, with a hole in her heart that never closes.

In the calm after a storm, when rainbows stretch like smiles across the sky, you may catch a glimpse of Nahteb beneath her multicoloured umbrella, calling out his name. Or you may only see the umbrella, hooked onto a fence post or discarded on a bench in the hopes that he will see it there, and know that she has not forgotten.

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Nahteb wanders with her umbrella, searching

Why Rainbows?

The day her love was taken from her, a rainbow appeared in the sky. But it was no ordinary rainbow: rather, it was a gateway to another world, created by Celso Verrier. Ever since the day the rainbow bridge appeared, and her lover was snatched across it, Nahteb hopes every time she sees a rainbow that this will finally be the right one, the bridge that will take her to the man she adores. Some say that whenever a double rainbow appears, it means she is close to finding him.

Nahteb and her lover, on opposite sides of the rainbow bridge


Nahteb, lost in a daydream

Reports of Nahteb's physical appearance differ from person to person. She always appears in female humanoid form, this is the one constant. Her changing appearance is part of the curse placed on her by Verrier. Not only must she live forever, but she must be reminded always of Gober DeSilva, and the rainbow bridge. If she is not near a rainbow, and does not have her umbrella, her hair will change to the colours of the rainbow, or her eyes will, so that she cannot escape the memory of her one great love.

Hair: Varies - Brunette mostly, though occasionally blonde, and sometimes (most notably in recent sightings) multicoloured.

Eyes: Green (Multicoloured in later sightings)

Height: Somewhere between 5ft and 5ft 4in.

She is often depicted as a fairy or angel of some description, although this is likely an embellishment.


As a non combat character, Nahteb is only equipped with a basic knife. But there are also a few items she does carry along with her.

The Umbrella

Nahteb is very rarely seen without a rainbow umbrella, and often leaves one behind as a sign to the man she seeks, that she has been there and will continue to search.

The Ring

Nahteb's ring was given to her by her lover, before he was taken away. While it has no powers attached to it and does not imbue her with any kind of special ability, it is of great sentimental value to her. She always, always wears it.



The Half-Girl

Mistress of the Rainbow


Arco Iris


Tuar Ceatha






Nahteb lives between realities, in a rainbow house which shimmers in and out of mortal vision. Its location often changes, just as Nahteb does, and rarely appears in the same place twice.

One incarnation of the Rainbow House
From the inside