Earth - 585. Part I.

I've always liked how marvel did alternate realities (the Marvel Multiverse), especially in Exiles. I like seeing familiar heroes with small or big changes. So I decided to write an alternate reality of my own. Earth - 585!

This is the first part of the series:

X-Men Origins:

In 1947, after the Holocaust Max Eisenhardt (Magneto) made his way to New York City. Alone with no money the nineteen year old wandered the streets of the city for a few days. On one of those days he was attacked by muggers. He was about to use his mutant powers on them when they suddenly just walked away. Professor Charles Xavier walked out of a nearby alley and introduced himself as the reason the attackers left. Xavier took Max under his wing, and taught him his philosophy and ideals about the human-mutant conflict. One of the things he always talked about was forming a super team of mutants to help humanity, but he never did.

The Professor helped Max finish school and go to college. In this time Max fell in love with another holocaust survivor named Rebecca Stein. The two wed in 1959. Three years later they gave birth to twins. They named the boy Pietro after Max's father, and the girl Wanda after Rebecca's mother. When the twins were one year old, Professor Xavier died at the age of 72 of brain cancer caused by his telepathy. Not having any kids of his own, he bequeathed his mansion and his fortune to Max.

The twins were often bullied in school, which caused their mutant powers to develop when they were fourteen. Pietro got the mutant power of super-speed as well as his hair turning white, and Wanda the ability to cast Hex-Bolts. Shortly after their powers developed Rebecca was murdered by an anti-mutant gang for being the mother of mutants. When Wanda heard about this she was possessed by The Phoenix Force. The Phoenix was about to kill the murderers but Pietro managed to calm his sister down first allowing her to regain control.

After his wife's murder Max understood that the mutant-human tensions were on the rise, and the time for a mutant super team had come. He also decided that it had to be more then a crime fighting team it had to be a sanctuary for young mutants. He decided on turning his mansion into a school so that his kids and other mutants could avoid bullying. Not being a teacher himself, he asked his old collage roommate, Professor Hank McCoy, for help. Hank, who always liked mutants, accepted. Hank helped Max build a master computer for the mansion as well as The Training room.

In order to find young mutants to join the school Max and Hank made a program that hacks into government and police records and lists all the cases involving mutants, they called it the Mutant List. Max looked through the list and chose three mutants from New York (state) based on their apparent powers (what he can make out from the files) and their need for sanctuary. He chose Jean Grey, Robert "Bobby" Drake, and Peter Rasputin.

Part II: Here .

If you find inconsistencies within this story please tell me.

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