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Is it just me or is this a sneaky way to try to bring back Jean Grey for real? Like somehow when young Jean goes back to the past she'll remember something and will change what she does later on in life, so instead of dying she stays alive now? Just a thought.

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Peter Nguyen does a lot of Marvel on these postings, but he's done very little actual work for them. Personally I find his art very beautiful - I'm sure there's somewhere he could go. Other than that it's always a joy to see new Jim Lee art, Brett Booth and Ryan Stegman are awesome too.

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Haters are gonna hate I guess, but all this talk of voting with wallets makes me just want to let you all know that Superior Spider-Man is currently Marvel's TOP SELLING ONGOING MONTHLY. So lots of people out there are evidently on board with what is happening here. I think it's a quality series and while not every issue is a 9/10 or 10/10, it's definitely a book I look forward to picking up every other week.

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I've been waiting for Ock to go full on "Big Brother" on the city. I'm guessing that the Spider-Bots have preprogrammed targets to sweep for? And I'm confused as to why it didn't pick up Hobgoblin.

Also, I'm really loving the new costume. I could have done without the Iron Spider arms, though. Makes it feel like someone recolored a sprite.

The Green Goblin has reprogrammed the Spider-Bots. I think it was shown in a previous issue (maybe 10 or 9?) Clearly that makes them avoid Goblin-related people.

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@skyjumpermike said:

I liked this issue more than the previous 3. It ga e me a better understanding of the groups personality. I LOVE Pichelli's art as well.

Same. This was hands down my favorite issue of the series thus far, alongside issue #0. I found this comic to be much more enjoyable than any of the other previous three. Pichelli's art is also a helping factor. It looks exceptionally good here. I don't remember her pencilling being as good in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man...

That makes 3 of us. I was amazed at Pichelli's art in this issue. I only really know her from the Pixie mini-series, and here it's an order of magnitude better. OK, the plot is a little weak, but I'm still on board for this series.

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Olivier Coipel did a fantastic job with that cover. I was never a fan of storm's Mohawk and leather jacket look back in the 80s, but I actually like it now.

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"Oh" Olivia Coipel, if we lived in Canada id make you my bride!

Umm, Oliver Coipel is a guy. Or maybe you know that and you have other plans for him??

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I like this issue as well. A deceptively quiet beginning, but a lot of potential shown. I think DeConnick is a good writer, which bodes well for this event. As for the art, again they've gone for an unconventional artist with a very distinctive style in Scott Hepburn. I'm ok with that so far - let's see how Matteo Buffagni handles part 2. Still wish they would have just stuck with Dexter Soy...

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I preferred the original version.

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@xkoenig: From what I've seen, he looks like he could be a pretty good fit for this series. :)

I hope so. I like Andrade well enough, but I'm ready for a conventional artist again for a while. My biggest wish would be for Dexter Soy to come back, but I think that's out of the question.