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@renchamp: It's like a doctor/nurse watching Scrubs!

@zbvmx: It's been bi-weekly so far, so I assume Pulido isn't capable of THAT output with THIS art (and I mean that as a compliment). Usually Marvel books switch back and forth, so I doubt "outcry" is any part of that choice.

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I kind of like the art, wasn't a fan at first, but now it just looks interesting. Might have to get this comic.

I'd say the art is the best reason to GET the book if the writing weren't so good.

No, it has been monthly, not bi-weekly, but I think Pulido is still getting a break. Loads of artists on books do this. It's a rarity that anyone sticks it out for more than 5 or 6 issues in a go. I loved this issue and I'm loving the series.

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Yes, please.

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So many comments about the art on this series - I guess not surprising. But I'm super on-board with the tone and direction. And I for one am growing to love Pulido's art. Can't wait!

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Hey, I love this. And I can get over the art being a little funky. Love Jennifer and love the new focus on her law career.

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Please let this go more than 12 issues. Same for all the female-solo Marvel titles coming up this spring! A very promising start.

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@shadowx said:

Is lady deathstrike latina? I thought she was Japanese. I think this new design is extremly problamatic and approtitave. Unless its handled with care I am not looking forward to this...

Umm, what's approtitave?

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of for F*cks sake people. How is this Sh*t "interesting?", slott is a hack who by all means ruined a good character withing a blink of an eye, he'l do it again too.

he should be fired right away.

He has the most popular Marvel ongoing series right now. They should give him a raise.

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Is it just me or is this a sneaky way to try to bring back Jean Grey for real? Like somehow when young Jean goes back to the past she'll remember something and will change what she does later on in life, so instead of dying she stays alive now? Just a thought.

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Peter Nguyen does a lot of Marvel on these postings, but he's done very little actual work for them. Personally I find his art very beautiful - I'm sure there's somewhere he could go. Other than that it's always a joy to see new Jim Lee art, Brett Booth and Ryan Stegman are awesome too.