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@adamtrmm: To be upfront, I can't judge, just inquire, since factors such as variation(as controversial as it may be) different versions of the same character are treated as alternate, all the same. Many would claim it to be inconsistent with(regular) Thor. Once again; I cannot comment in that regard.

I can sympathize with that notion. But at the same time we must abide what a character has EXPLICITLY demonstrated as far as they are capable of of. Like it or not, a theoretical basis of power only muddles things. Implications aren't 'non-factors', but they don't carry the weight of actual showings(as designated).

I'm not certain myself, but I think Black-Bolt was amped(or equipped with extracurricular technology to compliment his scream) as it addresses his "reality rendering" feat.

So far to his supposed "telepathy", it's just that; backed by circumstance. As I myself often use for example, the case of Starbreaker; Martian-Manhunter(disguised as Bloodwynd) infiltrated his mind, to a certain extent. After the former regained consciousness, he expelled the latter. Starbreaker has no telepathy to his credit(by formal definition, or otherwise).

Could you argue a case, in that context, that Apocalypse was simply beyond her(Hope's) power to influence?


But I can't argue one way, or the other whether that's credible. But I can say it hasn't a bearing in this match, for previously outlined reasons(specifically because Hulk doesn't have any telepathy, haha).

I agree. Unfortunately it's easier to attest to the protagonists' feats than their opposition(as is often the case in storylines)(where we can only abide illustration and narration to the power shown).

By the way, I'd like to commend you for your impartial honesty.

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Interesting match.

If it were the male version, I would've said "Dr. Light".

But in this case, I'm not sure.

(Unfortunately it's not some variation of Superman vs Thor vs Hulk vs Thanos vs Darkseid, or involving those mentioned, so don't expect too much feedback).

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nor can wally beat the hulk,or wonder woman and if superman can break through the green latern's attacks I'm sure hulk can and lol aqua man please only person who trashing the hulk out of the whole justice league is superman . Plus amazo can be destroyed unlike superman since he's an android and all. plus amazo can't copy batman powers if he has no powers dc fanboys.

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@uugieboogie: He was banished to the Antimatter-Universe by The Guardians.

You know.......where the whole universe is composed of antimatter(as the 'regular' one is matter)...............

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@adamtrmm: You tell me: Would a younger, less experienced Thor in an inebriated state imply he's less formidable besides? I take issue with it, because it makes the opposite of sense that a weapon capable of cleaving Celestials is what would be needed to to take out Apocalypse.

It literally flies in the face of just about every other showing I've seen of his(power-wise). Like the before ,mentioned feat of Hulk destroying an entire dimension by clapping his hands, it's ridiculously excessive.

Out of curiosity, how would you quantify the power of Black-Bolt's scream? I've heard varying accounts, and am by no means an expert on him. How powerful are they shown to be? See, that's something of the virtue Hulk has so far as his feats; they're often accompanied by narrations specifying the strength/power on display.

Also the instance I hear of Apocalypse being accosted by Stryfe telekinetically, had him getting flung about like a rag-doll, so feel free to post it.

And do you mean "telepathy" or "telekinesis"? Because the former is a non-factor, considering The Hulk can't replicate it in any way.

I'd say his showings against Loki and High-Evolutionary are quite accurate(in regards to his character/fighting style and overall display of power to the best of his ability).

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@zhurong said:

But his constructs will be useless agains BM's anti-matter punches :o

Dammit. I forgot Sinestro was based in, had his ring and entire corps formed in the antimatter-universe, so he's never dealt with it ;)

@christianrapper said:

i am going with blue marvel.

You shouldn't.


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@comic_book_fan: Okay. Assuming he exercises that ability often enough for it to be consistent(which he doesn't, so it isn't. It's like suggesting The Flash will start or end every match by vibrating his hand through someone).

Now what has Exodus done to suggest he's as powerful as The Hulk, and therefor that attack would work the same/similarly?

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@comic_book_fan: ........................................Okay.........show it(being used effectively against someone as powerful as Hulk)................

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@comic_book_fan: He has never turned into liquid, crawled into someone's mouth, and ripped them apart from the inside.

That's correct.

Unless you'd care to produce the showing of him doing so.

@adamtrmm: Because she never demonstrated Apocalypse using "personal molecular manipulation/regeneration", that's right.

"A longer list of abilities isn't an argument". SHOW(consistent)FEATS.

You mean a young, drunk Thor who had to break out a "Celestial killing ax" for someone who wouldn't even register as a flea on the hair of a Celestial's ass power-wise? That's an overall accurate representation of Apocalypse to you? Really?

So I get to use the feat where Hulk once destroyed a dimension via thunder-clap, right?

And as for his much vaunted(but unfounded) claims of versatility, he mostly fights like a roided up Mr. Fanstastic, while discharging the occasional blast of energy. It's how he's fought against The X-Men, Namor, and even more individually dangerous opponents like Loki and The High-Evolutionary.

Hell, he's even exhibited difficult tanking Cyclops' optic-blast for a prolonged period of time.

Seriously? That's the "versatility and power Hulk wouldn't be able to handle"?