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@nickzambuto said:

Batman's arms and legs are chained up and he's naked.

Well, obviously ends/starts in sex......

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@rpgesus: Yep(the former).

Inconclusive/not enough to go off of, in my opinion.

So either people will pick one based off something totally unrelated, or who they like more.

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@rpgesus: No, I don't know how ridiculous I sound over text.

Please enlighten me(given you don't seem to abide the criteria the website you're on stipulates).

Exactly. That shows Peter Parker outstrips him in that particular scenario/skill-set.

That isn't chess. You're reaching to find a correlation that's dubious and heavily debated in REAL life, and doesn't exist in the fictional one of Marvel.

It's silly, and quite literally doesn't make sense.

Going by it, Ra's Al Ghul and Vandal Savage should make every (non-super) human their bitch in every conceivable way(intelligence-wise, martial-arts prowess, etc.) given their years of experience. They don't because fiction works how the writers want it to, not what makes sense to you realistically.

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@rpgesus: aftershafter beat me to it.

If anything, IQ denotes potential in particular trains of thought(particularly applied pattern-recognition).

Emphasis on "potential".

We go by feats and actual demonstrations here. Not alluded potential AKA unsubstantiated statements such as "one has a higher IQ than the other so that one SHOULD be better at chess, therefor they definitely win".

I'm sure I don't have to elaborate why that isn't sound rationale.

Lastly, these are fictional character's who's minds and intelligence levels are(at this point) humanly impossible. So to say a "real" world precedent is an (accurate) indication, much less definitive gauge, is hilarious. No offense.

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What're their chess-playing feats?

Yes, exclusively CHESS feats.

Whoever's better at whatever branch of science doesn't mean sh!t here. No idea why so many people abide and propagate such nonsense.

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Here's the whole fight between the two(for those unaware).

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