Least Favorite Characters

So everyone has a few characters that just irk the hell out of them. Here I will put mine:) As with most of my lists it'll be mostly Marvel as I'm a Marvelite. Also as with my others, I will add more characters as they come to me

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Posted by Byzantine

Would be more understandable if you pointed out storylines that make you dislike the characters. Lana Lang is a good example. I don't know how Smallville handles the character but I have heard more people annoyed with her portrayal than actually enjoying it.

Posted by XFan616

As I said, a few are just more annoying to me, but the ones I really dislike are because of either something really stupid and contrary to the character, or just because I dislike that in characters. Like Namor is arrogant to an extreme. I know there will always be arrogant characters, but Namor never struck me as being powerful enough to justify his ego. And with Lana I'm the opposite, as I said I've only seen her in Smallville.