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I thought Joseph Gordon-Levitt was confirmed to be playing the son of Carmine Falcone. Was this exposed as a rumor?

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The guy's done both numerous super-hero movies AND Scott Pilgrim (whose humor is very similar to Deadpool's). I say go ahead.

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Anyone else look at him from Inception and think possibly Nighwing? Just a thought. I could totally see him pulling it off.

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@Thunderscream, my since Shaw has been confirmed, I think it even more likely that he'll be playing Leland, or at least some warped Hellfire Club member. But they could always pull Sinister out of their butts. Heck! Why not just make him Master Mold??? That'd make sense.
@Virus_Warning lol. My only comfort at the screwball casting is that hopefully it's because someone knowledgeable about the comics is working upstairs and he's just grabbed all his favorite characters. As for January, I can't say much having not seen anything she's in, but I hope they don't try and make Frost sweet. She's a bitch. An EVIL bitch at her peak. Making her sort of a hero would be expected, but she'd better be a bitch lol.

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I'm currently participating in an X-Men Fantasy Football type game, and all my close buddies I would ask are players or judges, but I need some extra info on one Michael Nowlan. Here's my main question: does he still generate his enhancing energies if unconscious?

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Hal Jordan's is definitely the most classic, but I prefer John Stewart and Kyle Rayner's outfits much better. They're more modern and, in Rayner's case, very unique, something that's hard to come by for big heroes. I mean think about it: how many people are running around with a bat, a spider, a bolt of lightning, an X, an S or some other random letter? There aren't a lot of good costumes that pay tribute to the original cheese without ripping it off entirely. Kyle's does a very good job of that.

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My first thought was the fear thing, but that's already been touched on hehe. I personally think that a lot of them think that THIS will be the time I (Electro) finally defeat Spider-Man!! They're addicted to the struggle. They love bashing heads with whatever cape happens to see them rush away. 
Another possible reason: they're just not very smart.

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The best characters are strange colors. Most notably blue. So it doesn't really matter haha.
Seriously, though. It depends on the movie. If you're doing a rough interpretation of Spider-Man, then a black actor is perfectly fine. But there's something special about a scrawny, nerdy white kid to me. I just can't see most African Americans having the same affect. Some characters it's less important. Kingpin was a great example. I could see a black Bullseye working just as well. It just depends on the character, actor, and direction of the film.

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Technically yes. Spider-Man, by definition, is a mutant. He has alterations to his DNA. HOWEVER he is not a mutant as in Cyclops, Magneto, Wolverine BECAUSE he does not have an X-Gene. You're not homo superior (mutant) just by having an alteration in your DNA. That's what separates the mutants from the Fantastic Four, Hulk, and yes Spider-Man as well. No X-Gene = Not a mutant
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