Off My Mind: Paradoxical Personality Disorder...

So I'm taking Psychology 1 right now and I just finished a group of lessons about mental disorders. I then concluded that (in comic books at least) there should be one classified I have never heard of: paradoxical personality disorder. With all these people losing their memories for god knows how long, you'd think they'd change from the person the were, to the person they currently are. The prime example (in fact the only example I can think of off the top of my head) is Wolverine. Lemme walk you through it:
-Wolverine matures (yeah right lol) somewhat as James Howlett. He becomes some semblance of an adult.
-Wolverine loses his memory to Weapon X
-Wolverine becomes his basic personality without any knowledge or experiences to shape and twist it.
-Wolverine has different experiences with the X-Men as Logan that shape his base personality into the Wolverine we all know and love.
-Wolverine then regains his memories thanks to the events of M-Day
Correct me if I'm wrong, but Wolverine would then have two sets of memories, yes? I mean I doubt they'd just fall into place...but then again this is fiction so anything's possible. What I think would happen: Wolverine would then have two conflicting personalities, because personalities are based on your natural personality PLUS your experiences that shape it into something similar, but not hte same. The James Howlett and Logan personalities would be kinda confusing, yeah? I'm not saying I know what they should do in the few dozen cases where this happens, but hey, it's just off my mind!
Thoughts? Comments? Snide remarks?


X-Men: First Class casting insanity

Just wanted to share my thoughts on the insane casting list for this flick. Feel free to comment, question or disagree, just please no insults:)
Professor X and Magneto. Obvious. I was excited to see James McAvoy play Xavier. 
Beast-Loved Beast in X3, hoping they don't kill him now. I was a little disappointed when they canceled the rumors of Cyclops being in it, though.
Banshee and Havok-Both alright casting imo. Love that Hannah Montana's boyfriend is James Marsden's brother. Weird. Also, hoping the writer and actor get Banshee right. Only concern there.
Darwin-Don't really know enough about him to say
Emma Frost-Fine by me, as long as she's a villain.
Little Mystique-Weird. Not sure what they're doing here at all.
Moira MacTaggert-Fine by me. Not a huge fan but I love her accent.
Azazel-Excited for the possible planting of little Nightcrawler seeds inside of Mystique. Other than that this is screwball casting.
Kevin Bacon-I'm hoping for Sebastian Shaw. This would make it more likely that Frost is a villain. If he's Sinister I reject him now, because NO ONE but Jason Isaacs should play Sinister.
Oliver Platt-I think he looks like a Hellfire Club member. Maybe Harry Leland? This would provide further evidence to Shaw and Frost.
Vaughn has said this will be a prequel and a reboot...this only works if you consider he also said it would be like the Star Trek movie, which was a sequel and a reboot. Honestly although I'm super confused, I'm also looking forward to it. No, this will not be a good adaption of the comics but the previous three films ruined that. I'm hoping for a good movie, then a huge buyout by Marvel with their newly acquired Disney funds. All I want, right there.


Off my mind: Why don't they learn?

So obviously writers kill characters to increase tension, drama, whatever. But'd think they'd get smarter at it. Honestly sometimes I think writers ACTUALLY believe they control the characters, instead of the other way round. The best example, I believe, is the X-Men. Almost all of the more prominent ones have died at one point or another, and not just died and then a few pages later resurrected by God or some machine that is so cliche you can hardly believe it's there. I mean dead'N'buried, in the ground, not coming back. Only they do. Again and again and again, writers think they're going to kill someone and then get so much nasty fan mail they have no choice but to resurrect Colossus or bring back Kitty. Personally, I'm hoping this happens just once more in the case of Nightcrawler. We can only hope. And write nasty letters.

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