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I'm going to venture a guess that the negative comments here are coming from people who are predominantly marvel fan boys because they can't handle the fact the the best writer in comics is writing batman and not spiderman or xmen or something for marvel

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Can you guys get over the holding cells already. I've read about them 2 reviews in a row now and heard about them on the podcast. If you want to watch logically designed police departments put on the first 48 or something. Complaining about that in multiple reviews of a TV show based on comic books just sounds ridiculous.

It's like complaining that there's no way the plane on agents of shield could really fit all those different rooms and a lab and a holding cell and bedrooms etc... I mean how big is that plane...And don't even get me started on the flying corvette...

Remember it's all based on comic books...

Other than that I love the site and everything you guys do... Well except maybe Tony's obvious marvel bias... But you guys are very entertaining, keep it up...

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Why did this have to be a 4.99 book?

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@drellassassin: yeah there are extra pages in death of wolverine but as stated in the article they are sketches, comments, and interviews not actual story, so it really reeks of a money grab. How about they keep all their "bonus material" and I keep my extra dollar

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@drellassassin: You should really pause for a moment before you start randomly accusing people you don't know of things. I was thinking of waiting for it to drop in price or go on sale on comixology.

If you want to support 4.99 regular priced books go right ahead but don't complain when every marvel book has a 4.99 regular price just like how they went from 2.99 to 3.99

A lot of people like to make fun of DC comics but at least they aren't trying to wring every penny out of comic buyers and are keeping a lot of their popular books at 2.99

What marvel is tending towards is going to do serious damage to the direct market with their constant renumbering and raising of prices

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@nickxh: not buying original sin 8 for 4.99. I refuse to support marvels attempt to make that a regular price. And if more people don't start protesting it is going to be a reality

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What is with marvel and all their 4.99 books this week? Maybe I can understand death of wolverine but Hawkeye v. Deadpool is 4.99 too? And the finale of original sin!?

Marvel is gross sometimes with their greediness. They sucker everyone in for 7 issues with original sin then hit everyone up for an extra dollar if you want to read the final issue? I'll find other ways to read the finale

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Saying batman eternal is off putting is one of the craziest statements I've heard on the podcast.

I know it's hip to like marvel and bash everything dc does but batman eternal has been crazy good week after week. And futures end has been way better than you give it credit for.

And this was one of the best issues of justice league in years and you guys talk like it's mediocre yet can't rave enough about the hipster favorite Hawkeye.

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I think that some of you complaining about the story not moving fast enough, or being exciting every single issue, need to realize that a weekly book reads a lot different than a monthly.

They are going to have put out over 1000 pages of story in a year. To expect huge plot developments and tons of action every 20 pages might be asking a bit much. Having a slow issue here and there doesn't mean that the whole story is bad.

It's kinda like not liking a whole book because there's one or two bad panels in it...

<end of lecture>

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Another great issue. This book has become one of my most anticipated reads each week. It's only on issue 8 of 52 so there is plenty of issues to tell the story and not have to rush things

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