A mutable list of titles that I purchase on a regular basis. The fact that it's so small screams volumes about the quality of titles available today.

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Posted by Kallarkz

I've been struggling to find out how in the world i can get back into the world of the X-men (so much going on I almost took a break while i was reviewing all the info). 
Thanks for knowingly guiding me ;p. 
Btw are these 2 X series better than Astonishing X-men? I thought that title was supposed to be good. 
Take care =)

Edited by jrock85

I didn't know that you read any DC titles.

Posted by Mercy_

I was enjoyably surprised by Wolverine and the X-Men. I'm not a fan of whoever the colorist is, but everything about that book is pure awesome.

Posted by xerox_kitty

@The Dark Huntress: I hadn't noticed the colours. I was just too entertained to be bothered by them ;)