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An incomplete list of my favourite manga or manhua series. 

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Posted by kenshiroo

Nice list Xerox, but why did you not add the classical masterpiece of Watsuki about the legendary vagabond swordsman? Is a beautiful story which combines a good dose of humor, drama, action, romance with a lot of philosophical content and historical narratives of feudal Japan.  ^__^


Posted by xerox_kitty
@kenshiroo: Simply, because I haven't even heard of it.  I can't include something as a favourite if I've never read it ;)
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@xerox-kitty: oky, I would recommend you if you want to read it someday, is excellent, is called Rurouni Kenshin, one of my manga/anime favorites still.  yip  : P 
Posted by xerox_kitty
@kenshiroo:   Watsuki isn't available on Amazon.co.uk.  And sorry, but I'm just not interested in Rurouni Kenshin.  It doesn't appeal to me.
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@xerox-kitty: I do understand you, no problem : )
Posted by miki

great list many of this manga i have read!

Posted by Agent_Prince

Ever read/seen Love Hina?

Posted by xerox_kitty

@Agent_Prince: I've seen pictures, but they never appealed to me... too much T&A.

Posted by ApatheticAvenger

Most of the series here aren't my cup o' tea, but Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei is easily my favorite comedy manga.