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Teen Titans the TV show was aired between 19 July 2003 - 16 January 2006. Jason Todd did make his reappearance during that time (as Red Hood in December 2004). Realistically, I don't see the studios making such a quick & conscious decision to introduce Jason like that, especially as the majority of characters in the show still didn't have their secret identities revealed. That said, I don't object to the theory that it could have been Jason, after all Red X had all the same moves as Robin. It's not a theory I agree with, but I can understand why people would think that :)

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@Squares: It flakes off and becomes a composite of dust, but it's usually translucent (not skincoloured ;)

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If this thread continue to be a case of who can troll the most, then it will be closed.

Previous posts have been edited to censor a certain term which many people clearly find offensive. Anyone using that term again will earn another official warning.

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@DEGRAAF: Yes, I'd like that too :)

There's been a lot of positive feedback to this fan art of Magneto in a refined magenta suit. Perhaps a more classy & regal look is what the Master of Magnetism needs now?

Magneto Fashion Shoot By Kevin Wada
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@The Dark Huntress: Sorry, I was glad Gen Hope was cancelled :}

@VanAce: True, and I'm sorry for being bitter & jaded. I'm sure there will be many people who will enjoy it. But it is interesting that there's this event/cross-over while AvX is going on. One X-Men event isn't enough?

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@The Dark Huntress: I gave up midway the Fear Itself arc. Necrosha was the best this series got, and now it has taken to long to morph into a new incarnation that justifies the title of 'New Mutants'. It's moot and still doesn't make sense to split the team up, replacing members with X-Man & Blink. And while I like the idea of Dani using her Valkyrie connections, I'm sick & tired of them being wheeled out on an annual basis to satisfy the need for a leader with powers. Storm managed to lead the X-Men for several years without falling back on any other powers, so Dani's connection to Valhalla shouldn't be a cheap cop-out for yet another cross-over :(

I remember looking forward to this series so much, but now I just wish they'd cancel it before it gets even more embarrassing. Other titles have been even more short-lived when they had more to offer than this.

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A red Beast Boy? I wonder if it's still Gar? Or if it is, how they can explain it... of it they'll bother ;)

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@The Dark Huntress: To be fair, X-Men Legacy is also a cross-over war child. But that came in second place to New Mutants as it didn't have the Norse connection.

It does seem that they're annually plumbing Dani's Valkyrie heritage, to coincide with the non-X cross-overs :(

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@The Dark Huntress: I'd agree if it weren't for the fact that the New Mutants hadn't been the cross-over bee-yotch ever since it started: Necrosha, Siege, Second Coming, Heroic Age, Age of X, Fear Itself, ReGenesis & now this... Only 18 issues out of the current 37 have been non-cross-over stories! That means 19 issues are connected to cross-overs or events. Cross-overs are renowned for spiking sales, but how can they justify crossing over more than 50% of issues? :(

And that's not even counting the fact that the 'Fall & Rise of the New Mutants' was connected to a cross-over from the 1980's ;p