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I just don't buy it. This is the issue that they had time to make changes to after the release of the first issue... So after all the controversy they try to improve her by retconning the fact that she didn't remember the guy she's had a repeatedly lengthy relationship with & pretending that she has some sort of philosophical belief which justifies her casual sexual behaviour? N'ah... I just don't buy it.

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It's a flimsy attempt to make her seem thoughtful and more than 2 dimensional. If we only live in the 'now' then you forget history & are doomed to continue making the same mistakes. She may as well just come out & say "I like hedonism, it's less boring than not being a raving nympho".

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Gee, let's compare one black female character with another. All it comes down to is a popularity contest between Storm (whom already has renowned rabid fans) and Photon who has a cult following & therefore not the same amount of fans. I wonder who'll come out on top!?! :p

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@RedheadedAtrocitus said:

Man who knew such simple techniques could make such masterpieces. Love 'em!

It's deceptively simple! But I do love the striking simplistic look :)

@The Dark Huntress: I saw links on his tumblr to a sales page, but as @Backflip pointed out you can try DeviantArt too (which I embarrassingly didn't realise)

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@The Dark Huntress: Yeah, there's something a little disturbing about seeing innocent children's characters like Donald & Charlie Brown turned into zombies ;p

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@ReVamp: I like Christos Gage & I like Mike Carey... but they both seem to like pushing relationships that no-one want. Legacy is a mixture of greatness and 'WHHYYYYYYY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!?!'.

Ultimately we want Rogue & Gambit together, but we're not going to get it. It seems to be some unwritten rule about not-giving the fans what they want... as if sales will drop off, or they wont know how to keep them a happy couple. That's the problem with ongoing soap operas; there is no happily ever after.

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@ReVamp: It seemed to me that Gambit was trying to push Frenzy away, but she was trying to cover up by being blasé. And from what was said, it seems that there wasn't any extra 'action' after the kiss. Although there was an uncomfortable hint that they had a past that involved knocking boots as well as exchanging kicks & punches.

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@ReVamp said:

@The Dark Huntress said:

O_o Just read the first few pages of Legacy

Did we jump the gun on the Gambit/Frenzy hate?

Which ish are you talking about? To my knowledge the last one came out two (or three?) weeks ago.

I think that's the one. That started with a conversation that went along the lines of...

Gambit: But I still love Rogue & you're still hung up on Cyclops.

Frenzy: Get over yourself! We were drunk & it was just one kiss.


But there was still something to it that left a bitter taste of things to come...

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Teen Titans the TV show was aired between 19 July 2003 - 16 January 2006. Jason Todd did make his reappearance during that time (as Red Hood in December 2004). Realistically, I don't see the studios making such a quick & conscious decision to introduce Jason like that, especially as the majority of characters in the show still didn't have their secret identities revealed. That said, I don't object to the theory that it could have been Jason, after all Red X had all the same moves as Robin. It's not a theory I agree with, but I can understand why people would think that :)