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@Morpheus_: Maybe that can be another fan art competition? JLA Evolution? Titans Evolution? :)

@ReVamp said:

That Mr. Fantastic one is something else...

Yes, I've never seen Sue & Richard like that before! It's like a Pulp cover :)

@junbobkim: No no, thank YOU! :)

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@junbobkim: I like the Wonder Women, and think she resembles a raven-haired Sarah Michelle Gellar a little bit :)

I didn't realise Sandman was so popular, but the 'Sandy' Sandman has had a lot of positive feedback :)

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@junbobkim: It was a HUGE education for me in classic JSA members, especially for characters like Johnny Lightning. And I'm falling for that Robin picture sooooo much! I love the pose AND the fact you can see he's having so much fun :)

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@junbobkim: The 'looser & faster' style adds a raw energy to an otherwise still image... And gives us plenty of eye candy to drool over ;)

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@Billy Batson: I was reading the trades one y one... but grew impatient, and ordered a whole slew of them in one go. They arrived last week, so I was devouring them this weekend :)

Yep, and Tiny Damian's evil grizzled baby face was even funnier than Jason Toddler walking into things because he had a bucket on his head ;) And they have Cassie-Batgirl too (although her costume is way scarier).

So I'm just hopeful for the day that they introduce Impulse (possibly as a Little Tiny Titan ;)

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@Tigerstriper said:


I'd chance the gold trim to red, ditch the hood, black visor instead of silver.

See, that's not a bad look for Cyke in that picture... Just goes to prove that they can make a stupid costume look good ;)

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I didn't know that Overstreet elected to omit some titles that they deemed too adult. That just seems... silly. It's not as if kids read the OPG :p

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@Billy Batson: I'd debate half of those, but even you said yourself that his appearance & the wiki are debatable. But I'd forgotten that issue where they were discussing origins,thanks! And... I've just read the story where he meets Peek-A-Boo, who was one of Wally's villains, not Bart's :) So even though I'd rather have Bart, I'm now more inclined to think it is Wally :)

Shame that they can have 2 Wonder Girls, but not 2 Kid Flashes... or even Impulse (I miss Bart as Impulse).

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@ArturoCalaKayVee said:

Have they shown two versions of KF? I know they have Dick, Jason, and Tim as Robin in Tiny Titans, so maybe they have Bart and Wally KF's? I haven't read many Tiny Titans issues but I'm pretty sure they were all Wally from what I read.

Not from the first 5 trades that I've read so far... That's 30+ issues worth. The introduction of Tim and Jason Toddler was comparatively early, but there's no indication that this is Bart or Wally.

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Which Kid Flash Is Racing Supergirl?

I've been merrily plowing my way through the Tiny Titans trade paperbacks. I absolutely love them. But I've yet to find a reference that explains which Kid Flash is in the Tiny Titans. Perhaps I've just missed it? But I don't remember seeing a mention of Wally or Bart.

The Comic Vine pages for Tiny Titans trades and issues have mixed up rosters. Some have Wally West, while others have no Kid Flash at all!

Personally I suspected it was Bart Allen as he has a friendly rivalry with the Tiny Titans East member, Inertia... Bart's clone.

Does anyone know for certain???