Yet More Fashionable X-Men & X-Ladies By Kevin Wada & Max Wittert

Over the last few months, artists Kevin Wada & Max Wittert have been giving the X-Men a make-over. Inspired by Project: Rooftop, they originally redisnged a handful of X-Ladies to sell as prints at APE (Comic Con's Alternate Press Expo). They had such fun & success with the first 'Round' of designs, that they've redesigned more & more X-Men with the aim to give each character a new look while retaining their unique style & iconography.

They've already redesigned assorted X-Men allies & villains, and recently they branched out to redesigning the boys. So if they haven't done already, then it's only a matter of time before they reach your favourite mutant! If they haven't done already, who would you like to see?

So which redesign is your favourite from Round 4?

Kevin Wada

Scarlet Witch

Max Wittert

Aurora & Northstar
Dead Girl
Ms Marvel

I just LOVE Dani Moonstar's Sleipnir shoes! But they look so painful! With so many beautiful X-Ladies to choose from, it could be years before they get around to my favourite former fashion diva, Boom Boom! ;)

If you like what you see here, then please support & check out the artists' blogs: Kevin Wada & Max Wittert.

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Posted by ReVamp

Nightcrawler, Bishop and Mags.

Posted by jubilee042

ms marvel,nightcrawler and maggs r awesome

Posted by papad1992

Moonstar, Scarlet Witch, Bishop and Nightcrawler are my favorites!! They're beautiful!!!!

Posted by spidermonkey2099

My favorites are Magneto, Scarlet Witch, and Nightcrawler. I like that Scarlet Witch looks more like a gypsy in this picture.

Posted by davelecave

Nightcrawler, followed by Magneto.

Posted by xerox_kitty

@ReVamp: @jubilee042: @davelecave: Yes, Magneto looks very elegant yet strong. I love the metal cane which you can only imagine what kind of deadly things he could do with it.

@papad1992: @spidermonkey2099: Scarlet Witch looking more like an actual witch who could cast a spell on you!

Posted by ComicMan24

Magneto, Ms Marvel, Bishop and Aurora and Northstar.

Posted by papad1992

@xerox_kitty said:

@papad1992: @spidermonkey2099: Scarlet Witch looking more like an actual witch who could cast a spell on you!

Im in love with her appearance!! If only she could look like that in comics!!

Posted by lykopis

I love them all - all of them - but something about Aurora and Northstar has me all agog. Can't help but think of Devo - Whip it....

Thank you for sharing these. :)

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Awesome stuff, Great stylization

Posted by Nudeviking

Northstar's hair reminds me of the dude from Eraserhead.

Posted by jhazzroucher

Bishop, Magneto and nightcrawler are the best ones

Posted by PhoenixoftheTides

Dazzler, Magneto and Magma are pretty hot! Polaris' looks fat, but I still love the watercolor effect!

Posted by Joygirl

Magz and Kurt look pretty awesome. Also, gotta get me some of that Deadgirl.

Posted by Anniki

Love Scarlet Witch & Ms Marvel!

Posted by MyraMyraMyra

They're all beautiful, as usual. I love the Bishop and the Magneto pictures. They both look so pimp - Magneto even has a cane! I wish Magneto wore something like that in the comics instead of the underpants-on-leotard thing he's rocking right now.


Oh wonderful and thank you yet again. You know i have to sit and let this page load due to all the large images on it and it's well worth the time, every time. More threads like this.

Dead Girls my favorite of course, because she's Dead Girl. Current writers better wreck-cog-nizzze! (What, wait....they won't? Hrmph! *pouts*)

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k


Posted by riri4life

I am in LOVE w/ all of Kevin's designs and his attention to detail (i.e. Dani's shoes)!

....he even did Rihannajust for me. lol

Posted by Steps

I only like Bishop when he has a scarf... so yay for Bishop. Also Mags and Kurt.

Posted by Aiden Cross

I really like the Magneto costume. I love the character of magneto, but i absolutely despise his current (well the one he's had for... forever really) costume. This would fit him.