X-Girls & X-Boys As Fashion Models By Kevin Wada & Max Wittert

Originally inspired by Project: Rooftop artists Kevin Wada & Max Wittert revamped 8 of the sexiest X-Men's lovely ladies and sold the prints at Comic Con's Alternate Press Expo ("APE"). They made designs of 4 X-Ladies each; dressed in stunning fashion & posed ready for a Vogue fashion shoot (you can check them out here). Flushed with success and with a goldmine of gorgeous characters to make-over, they included New Mutants & some of the X-Men's allies (who you can see here).

They're obviously having fun with their mutant fashion catwalk, because they've made 8 more designs. This time they're expanding their horizons, including some of the sexy X-Boys as well as the X-Girls!

Who are your favourites?

Kevin Wada


Max Wittert

Madelyn Pryor The Goblin Queen

If you like what you see here, please check out the artists' blogs: Kevin Wada &Max Wittert.

Posted by Whisper_

The X-23 one is amazing *___*

Posted by papad1992

Man xerox kitty.... u beat me to it!!! I was going to make a second blog post about the rest of these pieces but u beat me to it!! Oh well....

Anyways I love the X-23, Magma, and Wolfsbane ones they're amazing and beautiful!!! The Chamber one is great too!!!

Posted by Renee

Amazing! My fav is the Cyclops one.

Posted by MyraMyraMyra

They're all so cool. I especially like the Magma design, and something about that kinky-chic Chamber design really tickles my fancy. And Gambit - those socks...! <3

Posted by jordama

The ones by Max make me think hipster.

Edited by jubilee042

gambit,namor and wolfsbane are awesome and i am happy they drew boys aswell

Posted by Soulstealer

I'm not a fan of the shorts, but otherwise phenomenal.

Posted by jhazzroucher

The best one is Gambit's, then Woldsbane, then Namor

@jubilee042 said:

gambit,namor and wolfsbane are awesome and i am happy they drew boys aswell

looks like we have the same top 3. :)

Posted by lykopis

I love all of them - but Wolfsbane and X-23 are my faves....:)

Posted by Thunderscream

Magma looks divine :)

Posted by Icarusflies

These are fun!

Posted by AgeofHurricane

@Thunderscream said:

Magma looks divine :)

Posted by hulkmakedoodoo


Posted by moywar700

Cyclops one is the best.I love the way he hold the glass up his face.

Posted by John Valentine

Not a fan.

Posted by xerox_kitty

@John Valentine: Yeah, I didn't think you'd like them. The guys' designs are a tad more radical than the girls'. I just think they're a bit fun :)

Posted by spidermonkey2099

I really like the X-23 picture and the picture of Wolfsbane.

Posted by cowtron_2000

The Magma picture is amazing!!!