Would You Buy: Collections Of Classic X-Men Back-Up Stories?

I'm blatantly stealing/carrying on the tradition of cbishop's "Would U Buy It" Blogs.   

The Poet asked me if I knew where an obscure character from Rogue's background appeared.  I couldn't rmember, but it turned out that it was from Classic X-Men.   

I'd forgotten all about the reprint series from the 1980's.  At the time it seemed like a cheeky way to make money by selling reprinted stories that were only a few years old, while tacking on a back-up story.  20+ years later, we've all read the genesis of the All-New, All-Different X-Men in Giant-Size X-Men & the original Dark Phoenix Saga to death... but what about those back-up stories?   

Each issue of Classic X-Men came with an all-new, all-original, self-contained back-up story.  Usually they were connected in some way to the story that was being reprinted in the first half of the issue.  Also, the back covers were one-off pin-ups.  However, as far as I know these little gems have never been collated & reprinted, which is absolutely criminal!  Sure, story-telling, art & printing techniques have improved over the years.  That's no excuse to over-look these old stories.   

Am alone in this?  Or would anyone else also like to see these stories & pin-ups reprinted in a volume that doesn't also reprint the original post-Giant Sized issues?

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Posted by Mechanical_Ape
@xerox-kitty: I believe at least some of them have been collected. X-Men: Vignettes 1 and 2 contain the backup stories from some of the issues. I'm not sure if the others have appeared elsewhere or not.
Posted by xerox_kitty

@Mechanical_Ape: I've had a look for the Vignettes. I'm glad that Marvel did have the sense to make these, but sadly it seems that they're out of print now. Thanks for the info though :)

Posted by jloneblackheart

I didn't know there was original content in those. I have quite a stack of them.


I would, though personally I have no need since the guy that runs the library stocks those and any similar comic  trades.

Posted by Jake Fury

I don't think I would. Those back-up stories didn't really do much for me. Wasn't there one where Storm fought some zombies or something?
Posted by VickyVons

i actually collect "Classic X-men" and "X-men Classics"  books, just to say i have them. i'm about 20 books away from having them all.
Posted by time

I wouldn't collect classic X-MEN from the 80's, but I would collect it from 90's. They should put all the 90s stories in volumes, they were the best.

Posted by FadeToBlackBolt

I'll buy anything with Cyclops in it, from the 90s onwards.

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are you talking about this

Posted by Hawkeye446

I would, but then I am happy with the collections the way they are.