When British Comic Books Were Really American Comic Books

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The comic on the left is American, while the comic on the right is British.  It's not a Marvel UK title, though! 
 p & ¢
These days, all the comics that Marvel produce have the cover price in US dollars.  But many years ago it was a different story.  What they used to do was print all the issues for the American market... and then print a small amount with a British price conversion.  So if they printed 95% of their comics in ¢ (Cents) then the remaining 5% would be printed in p (Pence).  I'm only using the percentages as an example.   
In the past, no-one really knew any difference.  But with growing dependence on the internet traders began to struggle to sell these British back issues since some purist collectors thought they weren't real American comics.  The truth is, they are.  They were printed in the US and shipped overseas for a British market.  They even feature the same American adverts for X-Ray Specs, puzzles, tricks & other gimmicks from the 70's.  The only difference is the cover.  The banner across the top (boasting to the British that Marvel comics were available  in colour) and the price conversion are literally the only difference.   
They're considered as the same cover so it doesn't even count as a variant cover ;) 
Personally, I'm not bothered about whether my comics say pence or cents.  As I sorted through some of my back issues earlier today, I discovered that I had quite a few of these British converted issues.  I still have a lot of gaps in my collection from around that era, so I wonder how many more I'll end up with...  
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The Marvel Comics Group is Orange on one and Yellow on the other.

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and the British one says 'colour'. LOL, interesting to know!

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@TypingKira: And it spells 'Colour', correctly ;)
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@xerox-kitty: I know, someone said I spelled it wrong in my Pink post, but I was like, you're wrong! LOL
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@TypingKira: Heh heh heh... well, it's the only place that it'll be spelt like that in the issue.  The rest of the comic is completely unedited.  Therefore everything else is pure American spelling ;)
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@xerox-kitty: Really? Huh, we must have seemed like really bahd spellrz. :D
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Banshee also looks more treacherous on the British one.

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@TypingKira: N'ah, but I can image a few Brit growing up having trouble with their English teachers ;) 
@Jotham: *snort* In that issue he's really out to beat the crap out of Vindicator because he'd hurt Moira (awww, bless!)
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@xerox-kitty: Are you from England, Kitty? I feel like I'm asking an obvious question. 
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Ah, a fellow Brit in the lands of Comics. I didn't realise. Or maybe I did and forgot. I don't remember things. 
I remember the English "reprints" of Turtles Comics, which started off as Archie TMNT Adventures Reprints and then changed into something else entirely with Richard Elson doing the art for it. Awesome stuff.

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@TypingKira: @BKole: Oh yes, an English girl with an American hobby ;)  Although I did grow up with My Little Pony, Care Bears & Marvel UK comics.  My first taster of Power Pack was as reprints in the back of my brother's Thundercats comics :)
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@xerox-kitty: Ooh, Cool!
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If I were in an American school, being the person I am that is. I'll still put the u in things like honour, colour, favour and favourite etc. If they mark me down, screw them!

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Did not know that. Thanks for the info.
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Did they do a reverse of that? I swear I've seen a few Marvel UK comics with US pricings on them.

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@xerox-kitty said:
" @TypingKira: And it spells 'Colour', correctly ;) "
Yes the REAL spelling. Nothing I hate more the typing and getting corrected by American spell-check.
" @xerox-kitty: Really? Huh, we must have seemed like really bahd spellrz. :D "
When I first read Batman: Long Halloween there was one thing that Bats kept saying that was spelt differently than from Australian Spelling. I nearly through the book on the floor it got so annoying.
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@Hawkeye446: What I hate is when you spell words like 'dialogue' and the thing--it's doing it right now!!! American spell check can't spell dialogue!
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@Supreme Marvel: Don't forget Centre, cooker or oven instead of stove, pavement instead of sidewalk, telly intead of TV ;) 
@TypingKira:  Change your brower's/computer's dictionary.  Then it can tell you everything's wrong when you try & spell the American way on Comic Vine ;) 

@guuthulhu:  I don't know.  I've read about it this way around, but it'd be cool if Marvel UK exported to the US as well :) 
@Hawkeye446:  What did Batman spell wrong?
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In English comics, do they make fun of the Welsh?

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@Lance Uppercut: No, why?  Captain Britain's ally Dai Thomas is Welsh (or at least has a Welsh name :)
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@xerox-kitty: Haha I've just heard from a lot of my British friends that the Welsh aren't particularly well liked. 
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The english one is better ;p

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@xerox-kitty:  I can't quite remember, I will look for it now, hopefully I can fiind it.

@TypingKira: Haha, you think something that so many people rely on would work :D 
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This issue promotes Canadian on Canadian violence. Not cool guys.

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@Lance Uppercut said:
" @xerox-kitty: Haha I've just heard from a lot of my British friends that the Welsh aren't particularly well liked.  "
Ah, well most neighbouring countries have their centuries old rivalries... but I like it in Wales, so I wont make any comments about sexy sheep ;) 
@EisforExtinction: N'ah, that's just the cover.  Inside it features Canadian on the Rest Of The World violence.  Especially on the Scottish (poor Moira takes the brunt of it)
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@xerox-kitty: She gets hurt playing hockey right?
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@EisforExtinction: Now you know the real reason Eugene Judd was called Puck... it had nothing to do with Shakespeare!
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@xerox-kitty said:
" @EisforExtinction: Now you know the real reason Eugene Judd was called Puck... it had nothing to do with Shakespeare! "
I knew it!!!