Leave It Out Liefeld...!

Ugh, the New Mutants was always quite a serious title, but somehow the art always made up for that.  Like how Bill Sienciewicz brought the added eerie and unhinged elements to the Demon Bear and Cloak & Dagger stories.  Or Brett Blevin's added extra energy and action with his caricature & cartoony style.  But then the 1990's happened.  

I guess it's because comic books are a visual medium that the art makes all the difference.

Anyway, the introduction of Rob Liefeld as regular artist heralded the beginning of the end.  Yet he was actually on the New Mutants for about a year before it ended.  That's thirteen whole issues (and one annual) of a drastically different title.  Instantly it became a much more violent title.  Freedom Force became a group of real villains.  The MLF, Stryfe & Cable were thrown into the mix straight away.  All the fantasy elements of Limbo, Inferno & Asgard ditched in favour of muscles, guns, terrorism and more guns... Where's the Love?  Where's the fun??

It makes it so hard to appreciate those later issues, but I've got a job to do... I'd better get reading :p

(It also makes it all the more easier to love Zeb Wells & Diogenes Neves' work, and there's only been two issue so far!!)
Posted by daveydavey

There was a drastic change when Liefeld started. do you think the title would have continued without him?

Posted by xerox_kitty
@daveydavey: With hindsight, probably not.  Liefeld was the golden boy of the early 90's and with him he brought sales.  But New Mutants was cancelled after a year, so with or without him the New Mutants were doomed.   
But reading the last few issues, even Cable changes drastically.  The final purge of regular characters is extremely severe.  Cable, who had previously bonded with the New Mutants, was suddenly keen to get rid of Rictor & Sunspot.  The change in character suddenly didn't make sense, and the end of the New Mutants felt rushed.  Pushed.  Desperate to get it over & done with.  Such a shame.
Posted by waruikumo

Being young enough to only have known X-force Cable, as more of a cool toy than a character.  It was interesting to read the first trade of new mutants and then the end of the run with Liefeld. 
Contextually, the drastic change that your speaking of may be the birth of 90's marvel. I dont have a ton of knowledge of this time period (am working on it) but it seems this type of change for the sake of cool or sales, by working here, lead to the clone saga, onslaught, etc.