Cloak & Dagger, Cyclops' Girls & Spider-Man's Loves By Kevin Wada

Remember those lovely luscious ladies who dreamt of tormenting the Batman? Well, Kevin Wada has turned his talent to Marvel this time. There's little else to say so please enjoy the superb eye-candy!

Dancing Between Light & Dark; Cloak & Dagger
Cyclop's First Telepathic Love; Marvel Girl
Cyclops' Latest Telepathic Love; Emma Frost
Spider-Man, Gwen Stacy & MJ; Uh Oh! Spidey Sense Tingling, Tiger!

If you liked these then don't forget to check out Kevin Wada's blog!

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Posted by TheGoldenOne
I've seen these before. Still, it's awesome :)
Posted by CellphoneGirl

I really like the artwork :]

Posted by jubilee042

@xxCellPhoneGirlxx said:

I really like the artwork :]

Posted by Morgaine_Levesque

Oh my god O___O I would buy most of these (not Jean) as actual art for my home.

Posted by xerox_kitty

@Morgaine_de_Bourbon: Agreed! I like the way that the Cloak & Dagger picture looks like it could be a stylised movie poster :)

Posted by Mercy_

@xerox_kitty: I want that movie to happen now lol.

My favorite has to be the Emma one. The diamond effect on her fingertips just totally makes the piece for me. The Cloak and Dagger one is a close second, though.