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@primepower53 said:

It sucks.

lmbo agreed

@fullmetalquach said:

i think the Iron Fist tie in is a little ridiculous, Iron Fist is one of my favorite characters and all of the previous Iron Fists have been recorded and known except this one, not only is she a woman, of which there has only been one to take the role of Iron Fist, but she is also half chinese and has red hair, but writing stuff into the past isnt exactly knew to comics i suppose

thank you and very true, then the place is called the hidden city...keyword: hidden, so how would a red head find it? lol

@fullmetalquach said:

both cyclops and cap are going about things the wrong way too, theyre being so irrational and its hard to believe cap wouldnt let the xmen try this out or find an alternative to just killing hope, although i guess thats what stark is trying to do

im very disappointed in cap, i bet further down the road it's gonna be revealed that cap is a skrull lol

@fullmetalquach said:

and in cyclops's defense the helicarrier mightve fallen on Utopia and caused a lot of damage and he did know that they planned on taking hope away no matter what so he decided to fire the first shot and blast cap, also if storm made a crazy hurricane then the xmen would be in danger too

Namor is a king and storm is a queen, they can pay for the damage lol jk but magneto couldve deflected the impact

storm couldve told them to stand back and she couldve went ham until she gets taken down and made the fight alittle easier for some of the more physical x-men

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wattabout iron man?

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@Phylos said:

You can't be serious? lol.


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@Phylos: neither does jean have any protection against a flash freeze, or a lightning bolt off "safety mode"

Storm has this....easily

@Afro_Warrior: TP: have to get in someones mind to affect them, TK: have to focus

Lightning: have to hit them, wind: see them, : ice: see them, heat: see them, pressure: see them

Jean has to focus, storm really doesn't

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sentry, SS, phoenix

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no storm? wow! very surprised!

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Which Mutants can beat/stand off these cosmic folks? why/why not?

My choices are:

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The power cosmic to me is a very overrated and overused power. It seems to be used as an intimidation factor against other individuals, mainly mutants. Superhumans, however, seem to have no trouble in dealing with the users of the power cosmic so why should mutants?

A few Mutants that i think can handle their own against most cosmic power users are

(apocalypse, selene, magneto, storm , iceman, and bishop)

Did not include any greys because the PF is cosmic

Whenever a vs. battle is between a mutant and a character that posses the power cosmic, why is that CV users always say the person who posses the power cosmic is the victor? I think these cats here can handle their own, what do you guys think? Do any other mutants come to mind that can defeat some cosmic possessors?

Cosmic examples:

Silver surfer





[Battle thread in battle forum]

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@cennobite said:

He can marginally affect the other 3 forces, the four forces are the weak force which causes radioactivity, the strong forces which binds matter together, gravity and electromagnetism. Magneto can only affect in any useful way electromagnetism, its very hard for him to affect any of the others. Hyperstorm is the really character for affected all the four forces, he is a god-like mutant.

kinda true kinda not, mostly true tho