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Good lists particular from number 11, the X-Men titles. I own all  of those titles. Fatal attractions part 4, Dreams fade, one of my favourite stories of all time and I love the heart of thieves as well, one my favourite titles. The 90's had the the best stories,  that's for sure.  I would advice you not buy Uncanny X-Men : Lovelorn. Its a really bad story.  X-Men : Psylocke is pretty good

Posted by Xenozoic Shaman

Regarding Lovelorn: I was kind of doubting Lovelorn myself, but your recommendation against it seals the deal.  Thanks for saving me some money! ^_^   X-Men vs The Avengers and X-Men: Psylocke were already on their way to me in the mail, and I'm glad to hear that the Psylocke book will be worthwhile.

I agree with your assessment of the '90s.  It was a great time for comics, and while there are still good issues being produced, I do find myself looking upon fondly.  I thank you for your insightful comments.