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@feral_nova: I'ma drop by sometime and intro my character :P

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@schlampe: Let it be? I always thought you loved knowing things! Disappointed...

Joking joking, I feel the same, why I've never figured it out. That, plus I'm too lazy.

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@schlampe: What I mean, any reason why you feel she's the funnest? Do you enjoy her personality or something the most?

I mean I always find it interesting why other people like using their own characters more over the other, as I've never been able to figure it out in relation to myself. Like now, I wanna use Xenon, but I've got no idea why I enjoy Xenon more than say, Stark.

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@schlampe: What do you enjoy about the new Trinity the most?

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I've referenced Xenon reading about the Hellfire club before and a few other characters doing that, but that's all really.

I assume people just read and watch what we read and watch in real life.

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  • Kurt is me in relation to my extreme personality and energetic nature, and obsessive nature...Sometimes >.>
  • Zaniel is the confident version of me when I'm feeling really good.

At one point in time, my friends (irl) who knew I visited this site said I acted like pre-death Anthony Stark <_<

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@la_espada: I think there are a lot of animals which should not be in captivity. Most apes, monkeys etc...Dolphins, elephants, all of those are animals with emotions, self-awareness to a human degree, it must be like prison. Like imo if a gorilla can be taught sign-language and actually comprehend a human way of communicating and talk to a human like that? Captivity is prison. It's sad...

@quintus_knightfall: Damn! I'm gonna watch it, I'll try not to cry though >_>

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"Careful Santi, you’re starting to sound like Stark,” The King casually joked, recollecting how Anthony, Santiago, and Xenon had once called each other friend, but more so, how Anthony had always been the arrogant, pretentious show-off of the three, not for superiority, but for sheer obnoxiousness. Xenon glanced back, a refined, out of character smirk appearing upon his humble visage at the taunt as though, in front of Santiago, Xenon didn’t need to act serious or king-like to appease a crowd. “Only joking,” With a brief chuckle and smile, the king looked back at the blackboard as he picked up a piece of chalk and started scribbling.

“Alexandra Steele?” The King echoed, doing the same for a few other words. “Aphasic…Zedora…. Third Society” Each word was accompanied with a scribble upon the blackboard, jotting the names down. “Hmm,” Nodding to himself with a hum, the king placed the chalk down and turned, leaning upon the blackboard whilst folding his arms, staring at Santiago.

“Me and my country will assist, of course, however, these synthetics are…Complex, and if they are capable of locking myself, yourself, and whoever else out of space-time geometry, they must be hiding something from us. Tell me, Santi,” He started, unfolding his arms, and thoughtfully rubbing his chin. “What is your plan of approach? Physically dealing with these synthetics or attacking them via a different medium?”

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