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@_nobody_: Oh! So you're too good for me now, hm? >_< Wimp!

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Briskly entering the helm of the submarine, Xenon quietly placed his palm atop of the quartermasters shoulder and gave the command. "My friend, please descend POSEIDON to 3100 meters into the bathyal zone as of now, it appears that Mr Porthos may have encountered something" Pressing his temple, and engaging communications once more with his friend as the gigantic submarine started to descend. "Santi, I have given the order, POSEIDON is now entering the bathyal" Looking ahead at the radar, Xenon was unable to ascertain what was swimming above the scientists and Miss Sullivan.

He reengaged communications with all of the members, leaning in and peering at the monitor before glancing up, into the deep sea from the safety of the vessel. "The scanners are unable to detect whatever was sighted" He explained, folding his arms and leaning up again, "I'm going to stay aboard...For now" Looking at the crew, he felt their nervous rising.

Secretly, he was unsure they were fit for this role. Not that he was skeptical of their abilities, but Santi, Miss Sullivan and possibly even Antonia had all been through harshness, had the crew ever been exposed to life threatening situations? It was merely in Xenon's character to stay aboard and lead, as he had always done. "I will inform you of any occurrences, stay safe, over and out" Disconnecting the signal as he stayed standing, dark eyes fixated upon the screen.

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"ARGH!" Feeling the sudden blow strike his temple, the Mutant Maestro roared with the might of a lion as his senses were briefly overcome with a degree of delirium, panting with pain, the Maestro blitzed forwards with the speed of a fighter jet, Vibranium daggers in hand, attempting to deliver a mighty horizontal slash across of his foes chest, followed by an upper cut motion with his other dagger, aiming to cut the Mercenary's face in half, starting from his chin upwards and hopefully cutting through till coming out of his forehead. With or without telekinesis, Xenon was the deadliest man alive.

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@surkit: @dark_vengeance_: TT has it's advantages and disadvantages, now the trial is in place, we'll see all of the disadvantages go away. After 30 days, do they outweigh the advantages? We will see.

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@amphetamines: Posted, time to get beaten up :P Not the best post, but getting started lol

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"Hm?" Xenon muttered, creasing his brow as the familiar voice lingered through the air. "I...." Suddenly, the King's masked face was rocketed backwards as the boot connected, instantly breaking his nose as the dark mask's front was stained with a nasty tinge of crimson red, the orange and blue figure of the Mercenary blazed past Xenon as the Mutant King unsheathed both his blades, coiling his palms around their onyx hilts and unleashing an almighty wave of telekinetic energy in a 360 radius, the brick wall the Mercenary had used to vault off instantly shattered and the ground beneath the King cracked due to the colossal power of the telekinetic aura, threatening to push the Mercenary back with enough force to rip the muscle from his bones.