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@strigidae_23: The magic of viners having my Facebook xD

I'd offer to let you kill Xenon within the RPG, but I can't commit to posting xD

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@strigidae_23: Have fun with this! Nice premise, too. Ivana leading a type of Venezuela is badass if she won. I obviously won't be able to participate, but I hope the new Venezuela if you win brings a lot of activity.

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Xenon cried out in pain as the man's attack hit him, stabbing the king straight into the back of his thigh, and eliciting a sharp, and very loud grunt of pain, however, almost instinctively Xenon contorted his body around, attempting to use his control and discipline over his own body and mind to ignore the pain, and thrust his own palm out, over his shoulder and towards Dirge's exposed back, his other palm went to grip Dirge's blade which was still inside his thigh, and stop it from escaping.

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@cutthroatbitch: Me! Because you beat me up, but never want to cuddle after! I should teach you the rules of this game. You clearly don't even know the basics :P

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@cutthroatbitch: Hey, hey, some of us don't mind taking a few licks here and there... Wait sorry, I won't say anything too suggestive, don't wanna hurt your innocent little ears :o

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@cutthroatbitch: I think we all know it's yooou who needs practice, Miss Prude :P

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In a flash Xenon dropped his primary katana and sought to grasp his opponents blade with his vibranium-reinforced palms, and as this was done, using his own ruined balance due to the stomp, he tried to change the momentum, and instead of falling back, or to the side, actually rocket forward and dive straight into Dirge, hopefully nullifying the effects of his assault as he closed into his personal space, and if this worked, a dagger would be drawn, and thrust towards the man's torso, not too tactful, nor kingly, but more pragmatically.

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"Seduce" makes it sound like there's something underhanded at play.

Take wanting to be seduced as a compliment, it means you're... Desirable :P

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Xenon watched as his opponent athletically jumped into the air and executed two skillful, and equally cunning attacks, his first katana was raised to intercept the initial blade, placing it at parallel levels to his own throat and using that to ward off the swipe, and his second wasn't aimed nor used to deflect his opponents stomp, instead, it was thrust forward, hoping to make his opponent's own attack more deadly than it would have been -- If Dirge continued on and entered personals Xenon's space and stomped, the Venezuelan king's katana may very well stab him in the chest, and with Dirge's blade already engaged to his neck, and other katana, he would have no viable means of counterattack. What would he do?

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Xenon rarely spoke during combat, be it sparring, a duel to the death, or otherwise; this was no exception. The King watched as his ally lessened the exposure to his body, somewhat like a fencer. Xenon had an adaptive stance, never fixed, never isolated to a single place and realistically, he had no stance, it was weaved during battle and slid into shape, whoever his opponent was, it was constantly adapted. Instantly intercepting the initial strike with a single parry, using the part nearest to his blades handle, and blocking his opponents blade nearer the middle, giving Xenon more leverage, and as this happened, he sent out a powerful thrust kick out, tilting his body to the side and aiming to smash into the man's turned chest, before ducking and evading any followup strikes, Xenon had already catapulted himself away with a nimble back-flip, landing five meters away, withdrawing a second katana.