The Supreme Chancellor of Venezuela

"History will be kind to me for I intend to write it"

The supreme_chancellor of Venezuela holds responsibility for day to day business within the country relating to all matters. Being in control of the council he holds power which is near, but not as powerful as the Supreme Rulers xenon and strigidae. His responsibilities involve everything which helps the country run to optimum performance, having control of the entire army and not needing the permission of the council to mobilize, the influence he holds within the city could be said to match or even exceed the total combined influence of the other 9 council members to an extreme amount, this mans word can get entire armies to kneel at his feet in respect. The current Chancellor has secretively withheld his name due to political reasons and a slightly egotistical wanting to only be called by his official name, Sir Chancellor is the preferred title.

The Chancellor posses the power of electromagnetic manipulation coupled with an insight into the future, or other words precognition through an advanced telepathic ability granting him unprecedented intelligence throughout the country. Being possibly the strongest standing mutant in the country, nobody could realistically stand in his way on their own....not even Xenon, however the Mutant Messiah strigidae, has seemingly withheld her power to the masses, so it is unknown at this time how strong she truly is.

Speculatively he has been said to have powers which exceed the strongest members of society in general, his precognitive abilities granted him an insight before any of the actual carnage in the country even transpired - As such he excelled through the standard ways to become a council member and swiftly ranked to the highest possible position in the entire county, only second to Xenon and the Mutant Messiah.

His residence is the Supreme Palace which resides in the dead center of the country, Usually the Chancellor spends his day-to-day business with political affairs, rarely leaving the confides of the building. However when he does, he immerses himself in the pursuit of knowledge and bettering himself in all aspects of life.

"Unrelenting intelligence"

Before being such an influential member of society as an official, he was always of noble class and even in the HALO days his family held a respect for education and aristocracy priding themselves with the pursuit of unbounded knowledge. During the PEAK/HALO war he served as a telepathic intruder actually infiltrating PEAK tower and causing Stark to murderously come down with a random and freak form of cancer through use of his at the current time, low level EM spectrum control. Thinking he had killed stark, he fled the US.

Escaping back to the confides of Venezuela he was met with the utter destruction of his land which led to him secluding himself away from society and living among the refugees and other peasants, finally going insane at the sheer irony of his past life in which he had been one of the most noble and respected members of society now living as nothing more than a piece of garbage. He joined the VRS - Taking part in many duties and learning how to use his powers slowly becoming stronger as he opted to take part in missions which led him into the radioactive zones, once inside he used his EM Spectrum manipulation to absorb the ambient radioactivity, granting him powers which he thought were not possible.

"Not a superiority complex - I simply am superior"

Continuing his active service as a member of the VRS, he honed his skills to a deadly level actually being able to manipulate more and more over time, the radioactive saturation had done more than simply enhance his powers - It unlocked dormant X-Genes in others and for people already carrying the genetic code it gave an unprecedented, almost unrealistic amplification of the powers which they already had. He was different, he was superior - it unlocked a dormant X-Gene inside of himself which had been lost in birth, this gene was a simple yet startling amplification.....slightly increasing his telepathic abilities granted him an insight into the future, precognition.

"I can , and will shape the future"

Being able to see into the future granted him the almost life cheating prowess to ascend the ranks of the newly found Venezuelan country after joining the VLA on xenon's side and even saving him from being killed by a Stark bot during the attack on the western controlled side which was controlled by the Italian crusader niccolo_machiavelli.

Defeating the Italian and claiming unity to the country alongside the VLA he spiraled up the ranks, and was formally "crowned" Chancellor of the country.