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-- Raised as a slave, the young Ethiopian dreamed of freedom, which he found upon discovering his mutant powers. Fleeing his captors, Xenon eventually rose to power as the self-declared leader of the United Republic of Venezuela, a safe haven for mutants from all over the world. --

Name: Xenon

Alias: Mutant Maestro, Mutant King, The Shadow Sorcerer, Mutant Monarch

Alignment: Venezuela

Height: 6'0

Age: 30

Affiliation: The Republic of Venezuela (Previously)

Species: Mutant (X-Gene)

Birthplace: Ethiopia

Identity: Public

Relationship Status: In a relationship with Dr. Alexandra Steele.

Gender: Male

Family: Adhene [Adopted Daughter]

Occupation: King of Venezuela (Previously), Sorcerer (Shadow Sorcery) scientist, philosopher, teacher

-- Mutant X-Gene Abilities --

Biographically gifted with numerous genetic advantages via possessing an X-Gene, the Mutant Maestro has the versatile power of telekinesis, the useful ability of telepathy, and possibly his most useful genetic advantage, enhanced intelligence. The Mutant King has refined and cultivated his innate abilities through a religiously crafted training regime, propelling him into one of the worlds most feared and dangerous men. Further perfecting his power through training in Venezuela due to being the King, Xenon had unlimited access to the best training facilities, scientific understanding, and tutors in the world. He is almost without peer, and can hold his own against even the most monstrous opponents, the Maestro knowingly prides himself as the undisputed master of martial arts within the entire country, for if this was a lie, he would no longer be King among a country which prides it's leaders as being the strongest of the strong.


Boasting an intimate understanding of the robust gift of telekinesis, Xenon is one of the world’s finest telekinetic user on the earth, he is capable of utilizing the extraordinary ability via thought without his palms being used. He can perform multiple actions simultaneously, capable of manipulating numerous items through the air whilst flying and fighting with a sword, the only limit would be his minds ability to think, and luckily Xenon has the ability to think more than one hundred thoughts at the same time, he is able to mimic bloodbending, and even capable of starting fires (via speeding an object's molecules to the point that combustion takes place, e.g. setting objects on fire).

He has also learnt to inflict this power in a way which almost perfectly mimics the esoteric art of blood-bending, capable of boiling, cooling, or pressurizing an opponent’s blood to kill or impair them, although. Due to his enhanced eyesight, he can "see" items at a molecular, and even, atomic level, meaning he is able to alter items on the smallest scale. This helps him in a variety of tasks, he can convert items from solid to liquid to gas via weakening their atomic bonds. Overall, he is a highly competent telekinetic user, and has cultivated his ability to a grandmaster degree of skill.

Telekinetic aura

One of Xenon's most prized abilities is his telekinetic aura which emits a field of telekinetic energy in a 1 one meter radius sphere around the Maestro's body, the sphere, capable of being utilized both offensively and defensively. Once activated (via thought, or in extreme circumstances, subconsciously) the aura has awesome pushing power, capable of completely killing a standard human with enough concussive force to collapse lungs, break, and even tear muscle away from bones. This forcefield is predominantly used as an offensive means of attack, assaulting his target even before physically engaging them. The secondary part of this aura means that the forcefield acts as a defensive measure, inadvertently meaning bullets and other projectiles are effortlessly pushed away, it can also buffer any attacks, for example, an arrow firing into the aura may feel the same effects as being shot through concrete, meaning some of the energy is absorbed, weakening the kinetic energy and effects upon Xenon once (if) it lands. When he consciously amplifies the aura around himself it has been documented that the actual ground can crack under the colossal power. The forcefield is also activated in a weaker state whenever Xenon falls unconscious, or simply sleeps.


Though admittedly not the worlds best telepathic user, Xenon accounts for his lack of raw telepathic power in the form of his intellect and utilizing his abilities with mental technique, rather that brute force and power. Xenon has the abilities to create illusions within an opponents mind, making their perception faulty or create phantom illusions to confuse. He is able to manipulate an enemies brain and cause random, irrational muscle moments to restrict, or disrupt an opponent during combat or even manipulate an opponents emotions, making them feel calm, angry, or even pained. Xenon has also learnt how to transfer his own mind elsewhere, a slight form of body-swapping, although weak. If required he could attempt to shut down specific functions of the brain, or fire Psi-Bolts into an enemies mind and cause mental pain which distracts or incapacitates an opponent. He is also capable of preempting an opponents moves via reading the electrical impulses within a body caused by muscular contraction, and the thought processes predeceasing due to the fact movement is dependent on neural activity in the brain, electro-chemical signals are sent that contain information that is fundamental to movement in all forms of life. With his astute telepathy Xenon is able to detect this neural activity to anticipate an attack, this is not a flawless system, but generally allows Xenon to preempt an attack, or have a rough understanding of what they are trying to achieve.

Martial arts and other skills

Mutant Martial Arts: The notion of Mutant Martial Arts was conceptualized by Xenon around three years ago once he recognized that teaching multiple students with varying genetic gifts and body types meant that some found the traditional fighting methods (and even modern combat systems) favored certain sizes and strengths and no system provided a concern for naturally found mutations in the world. Xenon found that mutants had been expected to understand their abilities on their own, and learn how integrate their fighting style and mutation into a single art. After much thought, The Mutant Maestro decided to change the norm, and actually teach pupils on a power-by-power basis and tailor the style to their specific requirements. Luckily, Xenon is one of the world’s most intellectually gifted minds and as such, was able to easily understand how to integrate abilities into a pragmatic system of combat. For Xenon, he has learnt to utilize his powers in conjunction with a martial arts style perfectly, rendering his mutations supremely deadly. Adopting to take on a style somewhat similar to the quick kicking aspects of Muay Thai and the pummeling force delivered by some of the mightiest Taekwondo kicks, all augmented in speed and strength by his telekinesis. His punching style is loosely similar to Wing Chun for its continuous forward moment being a fine compliment to his other abilities, and the raw knockout power of Western Boxing allowing him fluidity, although, his acrobatic style of combat resembles Capoeira, this is a little down to his slave heritage, also due to being able to perform the flamboyant moves very rapidly due to his enhanced speeds, all in all, rendering Xenon highly masterful at hand-to-hand combat.

Hyper intelligence: Even without his quantum brain enhancing his intelligence, King Xenon is inherently gifted with the ability to far out-think even the smartest individual; making common geniuses look like children, and men like Einstein look like students. He possesses around twenty three times the amount of neurons than the typical man, his brain normally works twenty times faster, and he has the ability to process thoughts (multiple thoughts) concurrently at the same time. Xenon once thought of over 100 mathematical sums at the same time, whilst sparring and talking to a fellow dignitary. His intelligence is almost without peer.

Technology and equipment -- Progressively updated

As the King and Ruler of the technological advanced nation of Venezuela, Xenon has unrestricted access to some of the worlds most advanced technology to aid him in battle, to exotic substances to almost alien weaponry, the Mutant Maestro is fully equipped to deal with nearly threat.

  • Venezuelan Vibranium: Due to being the undisputed ruler of Venezuela, Xenon has access to copious amount of the exotic substance known as Venezuelan Vibranium. The Venezuelan variant of Vibranium is capable of more functions than standard Vibranium. Standard Vibranium is found thought of the world; some regions known are in Tibet, others Antarctica, and in this case, Venezuela. There are generally two types of Vibranium, standard Vibranium and Anti-Metal Vibranium. The standard metal is able to absorb any kind of energy (such as kinetic) by somehow storing it's within its molecular bonds, and the more energy absorbed, the stronger the bonds get which in turn make the material denser. The appropriately dubbed “Anti-Metal” Vibranium emits a wavelength which vibrates at a certain frequency and can cut through any metallic substance. The reason Venezuelan Vibranium is so unique is due to the fact it has both properties of the standard substance, rendering it highly useful.
  • Vibranium Daggers: Masterfully crafted by Xenon himself, these blades (which measure 30 centimeters in length and 5 centimeters in width) are made out of exotic substance known as Venezuelan Vibranium. Able to withstand any amount of force via absorbing the kinetic energy into the molecular structure, the blames are virtually unbreakable and are impervious to any change in temperature. Sharper than diamonds, they are able to cut through most objects with ease. Due to the exotic nature of the material, they emit a wavelength capable of cutting through any object save for other Anti-Metal weaponry and pure adamantium. A little button sits on the hilt, and upon being pressed, Xenon is able to discharge any pent up energy within the daggers and fire bolts of pure kinetic, thermal, or radioactive bolts at enemies. They normally glow bright purple due to their nature but have an ebony sheath when not in use.
  • Vibranium spear: A spear made from the finest materials in the country, the shaft is made from a durable form of inert Vibranium rendering it highly resistant to damage and almost unbreakable due to it's energy absorption capacities. The spear is able to absorb the kinetic energy through movement or defense, and store it within molecular bonds, once down, it may be ejected from the tip or the rear in a form of pure kinetic (or thermal) energy to defeat an opponent. The spearhead is made from pure Venezuelan Vibranium meaning it has the dual advantages of the unique substance.
  • Vibranium weaved combat suit: Xenon's suit has traces of Vibranium interwoven within it's fibers. This Vibranium mesh robs incoming objects of all their kinetic energy rendering them harmless. Bullets do not ricochet off, but simply fall to the ground. Likewise, the suit boasts a resistance to stabs and slashes, whilst allowing Xenon an ability to tank even the hardest punch with minimal damage to the absorption properties.
  • Venezuelan Nanobot stem cells: Venezuelan Nanobots are half the size of usual nanobots, rendering usage of them far more expensive due to the production cost, yet, they yield double the benefit of the standard nanobot. They are also undifferentiated (like biological stem cells) and once ingested and enter a recipients bloodstream, they "connect" to the hosts nervous system, and differentiate into whatever specialized cells the body requires at that time, they can also "take" energy, and substances from the body and can divide (through mitosis) to produce more nanobot stem cells, meaning they technically never run out. The Stem Cells can also be pre-programmed to carry out tasks, in one instance Xenon programmed his nanobots to allow him to attain "infrared vision" by changing his actual eyeballs once ingested, this allowed the dignitary to see humans in infrared.
  • Semi-Organic Quantum mind: A gift from Andres Knightfall, Xenon's mind is a dual functioning quantum supercomputer and an organic human brain. This is achieved via having his mind in a dual state of existence, one within the normal realm, and the other, within the shadow realm achieving a form of entanglement. The functioning semi-organic quantum supercomputer within his brain was a gift from Andres, and like the old model of the M.D.D.S, it is composed of a highly advanced cluster of entangled axions ingrained into his mind, this unorthodox neurological makeup enables the processing of thoughts at superluminal speeds due to the quantum entanglement between the specialized axions. Due to the bioelectrical stimulation of his brain further, Xenon's mental processes are greatly augments allowing him to memorize and store a potentially infinite of data without delay, awarding the Mutant King with an scientifically gifted version of photographic reflexes. More recently, Xenon has reverse-engineered the technology and has advanced how the brain works, rendering it even more powerful.
  • Belted teleportation device: A crude, simple form of teleporting. Xenon utilizes his knowledge of science and destabilizes the metaphysical grid of reality via an instrument upon his belt, a special mechanism connects the device to his brain, meaning he can think, and it triggers, and a Shadow Portal opens and Xenon is able to instantly transport himself to and from any location upon the Earth.

  • Vibranium Anti-Metal swords: Made from the unique Vibranium found throughout of Venezuela, the Mutant King utilizes his blades in a more flamboyant fashion than the typical swordsman, taking advantage of his typically superior agility and maneuverability to try and overwhelm and opponent with flurry after flurry of deadly slashes, the blades are capable of cutting through nigh any metal, and are able to not only absorb, but discharge energy. They can be thermally supercharged, release radioactive energy, and a myriad of other functions to help Xenon fight against any odds.
  • Dual Micro-Uzi's: A simple design, standard guns which fire rounds of Vibranium bullets towards an attacker, they can be charged to explode, absorb energy, and a multitude of other functions. They fire far faster than a typical gun due to the bullets being intangible until they arrive at the intended target (a function which also helps get past armor) and are electronically discharged somewhat like a rail gun on a boat, the pure kinetic punch of a bullet is enough to cripple most foes.
  • Other weaponry: Fragmentation grenades which explode with vibranium, Napalm/Incendiary/explosive grenades, Cryogenic grenades, Sonic/flash grenades, Gas grenades (smoke, tear gas, poison, and other variations), trackers, vibranium fiber wire to silent kill enemies (and cut through things), anti-gravity grenades, gravity grenades (explode, increase the gravity in a five meter radius), EMP grenades, and others...