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@grimlock said:

humiliate and insult me? hahahaha! way to go debater. Thor and Tony had been at it for a while before cap came into the picture. Thor attacks cap and what does cap do? he covers his head and is saved by his shield. my question to you is simple; for how long do you think cap stands against Thor in a straight up fight? would he last as long as tony did?

Hold on, so by your logic, I can ask; How long do you think Tony would've lasted without his suit? Would Steve have lasted longer without his shield than Tony would've without his suit? I'm willing to bet my life he would've at least landed a hit, no matter how weak or strong.

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Team 2.

If Capt is anything like Blonsky, he'll be able to hold off Hulk long enough for Thor to dispose of Iron Man.

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@Man_of_Miracles: Alucard thinks "I'm back on Earth, alive and fine." and Guess what? He's back on earth alive and fine. Goku can "kill" him as many times as he wants. Are you familiar with Schrodinger's Cat? When it's trapped inside a box, with a button that releases poison, for a time, without looking inside it, to you, the cat is both alive and dead at the same time. It's whatever you think it is. Schrodinger's powers allow Alucard to be whatever he thinks he is. If he thinks himself to not be in Goku's grasp, then he's not. If he thinks he isn't on the battlefield, then he isn't. If he thinks he's within Goku's body, making it explode from the inside out, then that's what he'll do. Alucard might not be able to hurt Goku himself, but Goku has absolutely no way to hurt Alucard at all. Worst case scenario Goku tires himself out. Best case scenario, we agree to disagree and call it a stalemate.

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@beautifulrevery said:

Bloodlusted Azula burns them all to death at the battles start while Ty Lee jumps around giggling and Mai rolls her eyes and complains that she didn't get to do anything.


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@GraniteSoldier said:

Before I a vote, since I'm not overly familiar with Ice Man since I was never really a fan, is he fast enough to freeze Spider-Man? And is Spidey strong enough to break his ice? Like I said I don't know enough about Ice Man.

Iceman can freeze things within a fraction of a second through no more than a thought. and He doesn't freeze the target on a macro level; he freezes their molecules themselves.

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lol wut.

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@Strider92 said:

@nickzambuto: I'm not sure how Alucard's powers are now. He seems to have become even more overpowered in the regen department than before. Even holy weapons can't kill him now. So he no longer has any weakness.

I don't know how Goku could destroy every atom anyway if Aluard is omnipresent?

Alucard with Schrodinger's powers is basically.. You have to convince a guy who's lived forever and been "killed" countless times that he's dead. So long as he thinks, he is. His power really is that vague. If he thinks he's alive, he's alive. If he thinks he's unharmed, he's unharmed. He's everywhere and nowhere, nonexistent yet existing. Goku simply has no way to harm post-schrodinger Alucard. Besides, "only a human can kill a monster." Goku looks human, but he's just about as human as Alucard is. During Hellsing, you can see Alucard fighting while reserving himself against the likes of Anderson while being ruthless towards other vampires or monsters. Being a Saiyan, Goku would face Alucard at his absolute worst..

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Sounds like someones head is going up someone else's ass :3c

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Squirrel Girl vs DC Universe. Squirrel Girl stomps.

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Thor does what he did at the beginning of his own movie while Hulk preoccupies everyone else.