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"Archery." The word you're looking for is "archery."

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I'd like to join in please :]

Now, peak human. What does that mean? Well, to be frank, it doesn't mean what either of you seem to think it means. MuyJingo, and those who agree with him, are saying that peak represents the top. There is nothing higher. Novi_Homines, and those who agree with him, are saying that peak human represents the top of the next stage in the theoretical evolution of man. So here's my take:

I lift. Do you [even] lift [bro]? Or at least I did when I still played sports. The typical benchmark you try to reach as an athlete is to be able to lift your own weight (press). The stronger athletes could lift more. So here's the thing, peak humans in the comics, like Batman, are capable of performing at the highest efficiency their bodies afford them. Captain America performs at a level slightly above that. This makes him more than just the "peak human" used to describe Batman.

EDIT: I also forgot to add the following; peak conditioning refers to the size and weight of the character you refer to. CA weighs 240 lbs. If some guy with the same serum came around and was at 300 lbs, clearly Mr. 300 would be stronger. The term peak isn't so definitive as the be-all-end-all apex you guys seem to think it is.

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.. No DBZ in these forums..

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@dondave: Are we then saying, that Hulk actually has a known upper limit? Is his rage not infinite? I just don't think OP thought this through labeling him as "fully raged."

and What is full god power Thor? Rune King Thor? Will he just go Warrior's Madness?

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What is fully raged Hulk? The angriest Hulk we've seen, I believe, is WWH. and He caused earthquakes by walking. What is a fully raged Hulk? Exhale and kill everything?

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Here's the thing; many characters have peak human strength, or conditioning, or whatever you want to call it. Batman is peak human, Nightwing is peak human, Green Arrow is peak human, Daredevil is peak human, Iron Fist is peak human, and even Black Widow is peak human. All these people have peak human conditioning which means for their size and weight, their body is capable of functioning at the highest levels of efficiency. Batman is easily stronger than the rest of the characters I've listed, but he's still peak human. Captain America is not.

Captain America is at the peak of human potential. What ever humans may evolve into someday, Captain America already is. His strength is constantly represented as more than human, he'd be pulled over for speeding in a neighborhood, he has incredible stamina, he can see flying bullets, he's eidetic, and these aren't even all his abilities. Captain America is clearly more than human but claiming him as peak human helps keep with tradition and simply adds to his image of your resident boy scout.

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Dragonite makes everything his bitch.

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I've never really followed the X-Men too closely but I've recently become interested in Gambit. I don't fully understand his powers however. Does he have some form of telekinesis? Forgive me, the only true "feat" I've seen of him in from the Origins movie and I imagine that's.. Far from the truth, to say the least.

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Morals off? Bobby flash freezes Toshi's molecules to absolute zero in the blink of an eye. Iceman in a stomp.

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I wanna point out that all Timelords have looked into the Time Vortex. It's one of their rites of passage. I believe what you guys are referring to is the Heart of the TARDIS which created the presumably omnipotent and definitely omniscient Bad Wolf.