A list that contains all the characters with skin color or slightly different from normal or become.

( list continuously updated )

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Awesome list, great job.

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 thank you very much.

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Now that is one big list.

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 thank you very much.
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Looks Like You Changed The Name.

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I changed it name is a bit of a landslide with English, seemed more suitable only skins
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cool list
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 thank Man : )
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Awesome list! I noticed Rhapsody didn't manage to make it on, though.

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@xscarletkittie: Thank  :))
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Nice List! =)

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@mr.obvious: Thanks  : )
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@xboy79: I like that u mentioned Soranik Natu 1st (she's one of my faves!) =D
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great list!

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Thanks  : ) 
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Missing #45

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@doomsilver: thanks :D

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@xboy79: This is some list! Worth it though! Thank you!

Posted by Kiddevil

I have a question here. Are some of these even "different"? there are a couple aliens here but there skin tone is average for there race (mostly)