Beauty and power : Male

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Posted by MichaeltheFly

Interesting concept.

Posted by xboy79
@Michael the Fly: 
Well seeing as you always do lists on beautiful women, I have made two one for women and for men, obviously on my personal taste.
Posted by MichaeltheFly
@xboy79: Lol, that's true.
Posted by xboy79
@Michael the Fly: :))
Posted by JeredMcCorkle

Great list.  I might of put Northstar at the top of the list, but the he made the top 10 so no complaints.  Good job!
Posted by xboy79
@JeredMcCorkle: :)) I LOVE NORTHSTAR !!!!!
Posted by JeredMcCorkle

good taste :)
Posted by Ruvik_

great list
Posted by xboy79
@StrikeDown: :))
Posted by Thainan Draconia

...Nightcrawler more beautiful than Havok and Brian Braddock?? LOL

Posted by Cosmic Lad

Very nice list!  8)
Posted by Sonata

Awesome choices!XD

Posted by NeoAndroid

Nice List :)

Posted by nextavengersazari

you should add azari as 10th

Posted by PrinceZiara

Booster Gold should have been first. =P

Posted by X_Woman

Don't you think Superman belongs somewhere on this list?