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Pete Wisdom and Bedlam are two of my favorite characters. =) Great inclusions. Also Maggott is one of the coolest characters that has passed in the X-Men world. Amelia and Karma are also great characters, and Wicked was excellent, sadly she was depowered. I love your picks. =)

Posted by xboy79
Thank you, I'm glad you like them, I think you and I love the characters, expect to see the next group, I think I put them also on my list, thanks for the comment you brought up my mood today is ground. :))))
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@xboy79: No prob man. You seem to really like characters people not usually pay any attention to, and I like that. Characters are really the best part in a comic. =)
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I like them too, especialy Karma and Kitty :)

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Thanks : )) 
I love very much Karma
Posted by miki
devi prendere una delle loro relazioni su questo convegno e poi scrivi sotto una frase!
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@miki: Fatto grazie ho un pò di difficolta con le quest e difficile tradurre gli indizi per me....grazie 1000 :))